I don’t know what to call this post

If it wasn’t for my online job, I might have lost this blog long time ago. Honestly speaking, the blame is all on me. For not being able to manage my time wisely. Yes, I am working in the morning and studying at night but I have to admit that I still have enough time to blog. It’s just that, I am having trouble prioritizing my tasks. If you can see my notebook and my phone’s notes, it’s filled with bits and pieces of articles that I wanted to write but then again, procrastination.

I envy those who have super updated blogs. If I can only always keep in touch and ask for tips from them.

Nevertheless, as long as this domain is not expired yet, this blog shall live on. I may be away for a long time but I will always come back. See you around my fellow bloggers! And please, If you have time, kindly leave tips for your time-management-deprived friend here.

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