How’s your semester?

For non-graduating college students, this is the time when final exams and last-minute projects seem to be eating most of their time. Sleepless nights and large eyebags are the latest trends. Because most of the professors use these last days as an opportunity to complete the records which they should have completed during the regular schooling days.

BUT to engineering students like me, this situation is just as harsh as the normal ones. May it be the start of the semester or the end.

I still feel bad for this sem because I admit that I didn’t give my best when it comes to quizzes and plates. So I can say, that my semester didn’t go well as it should be. If only I can turn back time, I would make my homeworks on time and regularly go to school even if there’s no assurance of a professor attending our class.

I just hope that I can pass this sem and I promise to God that I will be more hardworking on the following semesters to come. I wanted to excel but I ended up being just an ordinary student. 🙁

Do you have study habits?

What do you think should I do to excel on my studies?

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