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Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway!

With the few little minutes left in my prepaid broadband, I just want to share about this awesome collaborative giveaway being hosted by five of the most awesome bloggers in WWW:  Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway! Open Worldwide!

To tell you honestly, I am really after the eyeshadow and make up set but of course, I’d love to have the Superman shirt as well and all of the other prizes. It’s just that I desperately want an eyeshadow set at this moment to support my cosplaying errands. I mean, really. I cosplayed once and all I used to decorate my eyes was eyeliner. As we all know, cosplayers need to look as glamorous as possible, of course still depending on their character but still, those make up will really be of much help in this path that I just chose to take. That’s why I am really looking forward into winning this.

I hope you can join too. And uhh, there’s a referral part there so if you’re from here, please put me as your referrer. Thanks. Go check it out now! 🙂

Welcome to Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway!

Opens Worldwide!

There will be 3 winners!1 International1 Philippine Based1 BonusThank you to our generous sponsors!Sakura PH / Skin Candy /Zwitsal May Yuson /Irish Racelis /Nyx Wholesale PHAnd we Bloggers who collab on this great giveaway!If you want to know more on this giveaway please click any of the links below. 🙂Its Me Deann /Genzel Kisses /The Rainbow Star /Analysis of my Life /Frozen Blossoms by Senzy

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