Highschool never ends

I never realized how I missed them until I see them again.

Though physically, a lot has changed, the pleasantry is still the same. The laughter never fades and the smiles are irresistible. Old jokes sound anew.

After three years, we’re here again, in our Alma Mater. The place where we all grew up together for four years and experienced how fate plays with pre-teens. A sudden nostalgic feeling rushed before me as I entered the girl’s comfort room for the first time after three years. The tiles, the sink, the cubicles made the memories came rushing before my mind like an avalanche. I know it’s awkward to feel this way in a comfort room but as a highschool kid, CR’s are girls’ bestfriends especally during break time. Don’t argue with that. 🙂

What made me more emotional is that I know the happiness shared in highschool will never be replayed anymore but in my mind. That’s why I’m very thankful that this day had come. Finally, I got the chance to speak my heart out into a person close to mine (because writing has always been my escape) although I still have burdens inside, I’m still glad to have some of it taken away and I’m so looking forward to more meetings and sharing with that dear friend. Or more of them. 🙂


I snatched this from Jeynee. 🙂

You are my most treasured friends please know that. You will never ever be replaced. You might forget me someday but I assure you that if we meet anywhere, I’ll try my best to introduce myself to you because friends like you are worth remembering. I never had this feeling of awkwardness around you. Even if I got low grades, we still laugh and take pictures like there’s no tomorrow. I run around the room, do pranks to other students and you don’t give a fucking damn. You just let me be and I miss that SO MUCH just as I miss being with you. You’ve given me the belongingness that is so hard to find (and I think I will never find with anybody else), the company where I can be myself and the trust during highschool days.

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