Okay so I know you’ve read this “HELL WEEK” a couple of times already in this blog. Well, basically, HELL WEEK means a week filled with a series of jam-packed homeworks, quizzes, exercises, lab reports etc. And this coming week is the HELL WEEK that I am talking about. I’m going to share to you my class schedule for this week.

  • Wednesday

2pm-4pm Matrix Analysis in Structures; hell week is not yet effective this moment because this day is lectures day for this subject

6pm-9pm Fluid Mechanics; submission of plates (assignments, it’s composed of 8-10 brain cracking Fluid Mechanics problems that you’ll wish you never lived LOLJK), Fluid exam

  • Thursday

7:30am-10:30am Soil Mechanics; submission of Specific Gravity of Soil Laboratory Experiment, Long Exam (with coverage: Soil classification and Weight-Volume Relationship)

  • Friday

3pm-5:30pm Route Surveying; WEEEEE lecture day! 🙂

  • Saturday

8:30am-10:30am Theory of Structures; Exam

11:00am-1:30pm (I think?) STAAD lecture

6pm-9pm Theory of Structures; lecture

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One thought on “HELL WEEK

  1. Grabe, hell week nga! Daming kelangan gawin ah :s Same here, even with work andaming kelangan gawin, andaming backlogs.. the workload never ends. It’s insane :s

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