Happy Birthday mudrabels! :D

Morning of July 29th, I was awakened by an irritating wake up call by my mother. Considering that insomnia allowed me to sleep at around 4:00am in the morning of the same day, being shaken to death accompanied by a very loud, non-soothing scream of your name isn’t the best way to wake up at all.

But I still got up after a series of more irksome ways to put me out of the bed because we will be buying stuff. 😀

The birthday of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known in my entire life takes place July 30, 2012. July 30 already turned out to be a very special date for me since I became aware of gift giving and along with that is my ability to save money to buy things on my own. That’s why, that day, even though I only have slept for a few hours, I accompanied my father to buy construction materials for our house thinking that he will shoulder the expenses for the gifts but he didn’t. So we really just canvassed on different home depots and while on the way, we were discussing on what gift to give.

We went home with water closets, lavatory and faucets. We also bought pancit canton, bihon and the like for mom’s birthday. Marxi and I coordinated with our father to allow us to go to the mall to buy whatever gift we can afford. After mass, we immediately went to the mall and bought reasonably useful gifts. Since we are tight on budget, we focused on its function instead.


I bought a facial cream while Marxi got a cellphone holder. Not bad. We’re still students so that’s considerable. Haha! I took advantage of my insomnia this time and made sure that our gifts will really be a surprise. I put the gifts on the computer table so that it’s the first thing she sees when she wakes up.

Our only wish is that she will be happy.

She’s he simplest person one could ever meet. I don’t know how she does it but I don’t care at all. My mother has the largest amount of patience, understanding and trust than any of ours in the family combined. But she still has a very loud annoying voice in every morning. Haha!

Happy Birthday, Ma!


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