Happy Lemon

So I saw Nadine’s Happy Lemon review when I was stalking in her Suki-desu.org last time and I remembered that I have plans on writing about my Happy Lemon experience too. 🙂


I am not a fan of milkshakes or milk teas. I don’t even drink milk. But I love pearls so much! And Happy Lemon got me at pearls. Hihi. Since it was a treat, I happily obliged to try out this very famous milk tea. I love their logo by the way and as for the milk tea, I loved it too! The tea taste is dominant in every sip and the milk taste quickly follows afterwards. Sorry but I couldn’t remember the flavor that I ordered then. Maybe it’s a sign that I have to come back for a second try. 🙂

But overall, for a non-milktea lover, Happy Lemon’s milk tea tastes lovely. 🙂

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One thought on “Happy Lemon

  1. It’s funny, that review was a year before I think! LOL! I think all milk tea is yummy <3 But I'm not honestly a fan as well. Nevertheless it's worth a try <3

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