Happy Graduation my friends!

I will never get tired of admiring my high school batchmates’ graduation photos all over my Facebook News Feed. I am very happy for each one of them. To my high school classmates, schoolmates, friends, friends of friends. Everyone. They deserve a bunch of congratulations because studying during these times seem to be just an option and not a priority anymore. So it really is an honor to be able to finish college.

To their parents is a ton of congratulations also for being able to support their children’s education for years. It really is such delighting experience to see your child walk into the stage and accept the proof of both of your hardwork and their perseverance.

A round of applause is not enough but I wish that after the fun, the party and the celebrations, our fresh graduates will accept the responsibility bestowed upon them. To be productive citizens of the country. Besides, who would want their years of studying go to waste?

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