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Hacked and Restored

I was at the mall with Bea last June 6 for a date because she just got her first ever real job pay. Prior to my plan of buying a new phone, we decided to window shop on SM MegaMall’s CyberZone where tons of gadgets are available. I already spotted some cool phones but I still can’t withdraw my Paypal funds so I can’t buy any yet and we just decided to try the phones at Jump.

I browsed the internet in one of the vacant MacBookPro there and typed this website’s address. I always do that when I am on a free WiFi spot, I visit most of my blogs and leave them open. 🙂 But to my surprise, never looked the way I last saw it because it was directed to a YouTube site where a Photoshop tutorial is being shown. At first I thought maybe some sites were blocked in that shop’s PC connection or whatsoever so I just transferred to this iPhone thingy and typed the address there. Again, the YouTube site appeared. That was the time I asked Bea, who is busy using a Samsung laptop to send a message to my blogging senpai Nadine about my worries.

I haven’t got the time to wait for her reply and I went home worried about this blog. I texted Nadine again, careful not to annoy her of my queries but I can’t help it so I commented on her post in Facebook and luckily, she replied there. She actually was working on the hacked sites at that time and I am relieved when she told me that she’s working on restoring mine. She’s my hero, really. 🙂 I entered the blogging world with just the ability to share my thoughts and the other skills were taught by her.

I am very thankful that this blog is restored though I don’t understand why the photos aren’t visible anyways now I can publish the posts I made in Notepad. So hi! Thanks for visiting!

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2 thoughts on “Hacked and Restored

  1. And you restored it on your own ^u^ I don’t know how the password I set couldn’t get through :/ I’m sorry for that I’m glad to see your site up back up anyway 😀

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