I am used to floods here in our place so descending to the flood is not a big deal but for the first time, I got stranded due to the Habagat that hit the Philippines last week.

I went out alone then, thinking that I’ll be going home with a friend but she seems to have forgotten about everything and treated me like a stranger, considering that I went out to fetch her because I thought she was stranded but it turned out that I was the one to be that.

So even though I am used to crossing the streets even if there’s flood, I felt so helpless during that day. Luckily, my phone’s battery isn’t dead yet so I texted my mom and though very angry of my actions, she sent my brother to accompany me on my way home. That was the moment when I realized the effect of the very strong rain and other things.

Walking with no slippers on — because I fear my sister might get mad if her Havaianas will be swept away by the rushing flood– I held for my brother’s shoulder while he drags his bicycle against the flow of the flood. We faced different levels of water from ankle-high to water almost reaching my butt. I wonder how many people saw my Hello Kitty underwear because my shorts were very thin and reveals everything when wet. :s But that time, I only wish to get home, no not really, I still wish to get her back.

On our way home, I saw kids and adults flocking on the side of the street where a huge wall was built in order to separate ours from the village on the other side and then one moment, I heard someone blurted out a “Putek! Nakawala!” They were catching fishes! I mean, really, there are fishes in the flood! Hahaha! I also caught a small eel at home near Bella (our dog) ‘s house.

This flood gave me a lot of new experiences. I even roamed around the street with my sister and her boyfriend because we just don’t have anything to do with the electricity out and the water’s still high. We were stuck in our house for days so we decided to go out and take photos of the flood. Haha! For what? I don’t know. Maybe we just crave for entertainment so much and I on the other hand, craves for something else.

I pray for the victims of the flood. The effect on our household is just minimal compared to other families especially in provinces where they aren’t use to floods like this. I hope they get immediate help and that they can recover early. As for me, I wish I can recover fast as well.

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