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Of all my class schedules, I can say that the Thursday sched is the most boring. My Hydraulics class starts at 8:00am and ends at around 12:00pm just right for lunch but then after eating, I have to wait for 6 hours before I can go to my next class. Six hours, bro! I can make a round trip from home to school if I want to. So yeah, good thing is that I have a very kindhearted classmates who always opens her doors to cradle us for the next six hours of our waiting.

We eat in her dorm, gossip, take pictures, and most of the times, sleep. But the most enjoyable part of our Thursday moments is the guitar jamming. Just this last Thursday, we taught Donna how to play the guitar because she says she wants to be like Yui of K-on! Haha! I remember fender custom shop musicians friend having a guitar same as Yiu’s Guita. 😀

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