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Guess who’s buying VIP tix?

Kyuyhun Oppa is happy for me!!!!

HA! Y’know, the gifs really has nothing to do with this post. It’s just that, I want to share how happy I was when this day happened.

If you have read my post about being hopeless and all about Owl City’s concert, maybe the title of this post already gave you a hint on why am I feeling this way, well, if you’re reading my posts, you would know.  If not, you can do it now, just click here.


Okay, as I was saying, I was totally emotional during that time when I was the only one hasn’t bought a VIP ticket among my online friends but now, the whole world seem to have turned the other side which is apparently MY SIDE now. i think.. 🙂

The location of the All Things Bright and Beautiful Tour has been changed and together with that sudden change in location is another shocking news. The VIP ticket prices got cheaper from P4320 to P1758 which means, I can afford it now! Yeepee!!!

I want to thank Father God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for listening to my constant prayers. Miracles do come true and only the Lord can make them, if you would just believe.

I give all praise to the Lord for he is always there for me and for you. for everyone of us.





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2 thoughts on “Guess who’s buying VIP tix?

  1. Congrats on being able to buy VIP tickets 🙂 At least biglang nagmura yung prices diba? Heehee. BTW I have a contest going on in my blog, hope you could join it Abegail!

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