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Gudetama finds near you!

Consciously or not, for once in our lives we’ve had this what we call “spirit animal”. It’s something or someone that almost precisely possesses the characteristics we claim to have may be at the moment or in general.
Compared to other Sanrio characters, gudetama, a personified egg with its plain, lame look and apparently advocating laziness, is far from being instantly adored, moreover be considered as one’s spirit animal. However, lately, its same plain, lame egg-self has become its unique cuteness and its on point hatred to doing anything which a lot can relate to, made gudetama a chosen spirit animal of many. Or should I say, spirit …egg?
Being a low-key collector for years now, I used to consider myself lucky whenever I spot a gudetama item at a thrift shop amidst the Rilakkuma or Hello Kitty invaded shelves. Since its appearance is not that child-friendly really, I can’t blame parents for choosing cuddly bears or cute cats as gifts for their children. While thanking them at the same time since, the lower the demand, the lower its price is too.
But honestly, for a collector like me, I am willing to spend more than I am spending today if it means more choices and more gudetama items will be available. Shopping online is useful but seeing gudetama in abundance on physical stores, has a different pinch in a collector’s heart.
Thankfully, from toy stores, clothing and even food stores, gudetama is slowly making its way to the PH market. Providing more items for its rising fanbase in the Philippines.
Below are a few where I have personally purchased a part of my collection:
Gudetama T-shirts

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Uniqlo doing it right. #gudetama

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2. SM Supermarket
Gudetama foods in different variants

3. Hodge Podge partner stores
Gudetama bottlecap accessories. This one at Gift Avenue Cafe in Gateway Mall, Ground Floor is a cute keychain but they also sell other accessories with gudetama design like necklaces (I have!!), bookmarks, ballpens, Hodge Podge original accessory —danglers, and a lot more.

Check out their other partner stores through the hashtag #buyhodgepodge

4. Toy Kingdom
Gudetama gachapon
Gudetama Tamagotchi

5. Fujifilm Stores

Gudetama Instax

Enjoy shopping!

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