Graduation is near!!

2013. Most of the students in our batch will be having the greatest time of their lives this year because graduation is coming in a few months! After all the hard work. All those five years spent for studying, finally, the last semester of their student life has come.


A lot of batch projects occur in the few remaining months of our college life. Especially to those who will be graduating this April. They sure will have a lot of paperworks to do. But aside from the stressful tasks, of course, there are recreational activities that are in store for us. Just like our batch tour and RAVE party.

I think, this would be the most memorable year for me. Aside form the happy memories, it is always good to have souvenirs in events like this. I remember our class president proposing about university rings as the remembrance of the batch but I don’t think they pursued it. I personally would want one if ever. They look so chic and classy. 🙂

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