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Giveaways again!

Now that my site is up again, I want to take this as an opportunity to try my luck on online giveaways. This time I am joining The Rainbowstar and Lhyzie Bongon June giveaway. I have won to two of her giveaways that’s why I am joining again this time. 🙂

The prizes are as expected, cellphone load, cute stuff and useful ones.

First Prize: 300 load – globe, smart or sun|Pink Love|CupHodge Podge (Blogger) Key-chain|Notebook|Card Holder|Versace Lotion|Domo Cellphone chain|Butterfly bracelet|Butterfly Earrings 

Second Prize: 200 load – globe, smart or sun|Hodge Podge (Blogger) Key-chain|Notebook|Post It|Stapler|Make Up brush|Star necklace|Heart earring

Third Prize: 100 load – globe, smart or sun|Hodge Podge (Blogger) Key-chain|Angry bird coin purse|Life story notebook|Post It|Dog nail cutter|Panda Neckalce|Pink Wallet|Strawberry bag

Most Referral: 50 load – globe, smart or sun|Hodge Podge (Blogger) Key-chain|4 pcs stationery|Post It|Headband|Hello kitty cp case|Elephant necklace|Fruit animal bag

And bonus prizes for a lucky Blackberry user:

Personally, I am aiming for the second prize again. I love the make-up brush set though I don’t know and I don’t even apply make up. The star necklace is my bet also. :))) I want the blogger keychain so bad. It’s from Hodge Podge by the way, another awesome online shop. 🙂

If you want to see the photos of the prizes, just click here and join the giveaway as well if you want to win those mentioned above. Alright? 🙂 But wait, don’t forget to put me in the “referred by” okay. Thanks! 🙂

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