Gifting season

Christmas is near but my gift list is still very long. At this moment I still have to buy gifts to my parents and to my siblings. Truthfully, thinking of gifts to give is harder than accumulating the budget to buy it. I usually would go for something expensive but can be used for a long time rather than a cheap one but only lasts a moment. The best thing I consider though is the interest of the person I am giving the gift to.

For example, my father loves music. He often tells us that he is a frustrated musician. Hence, my options to give him are a bluetooth speaker or a fender princeton chorus. He would greatly love the latter I believe for he can use it for his guitar.

Hoping I could finally complete my gift list just before this week ends.

Have you finished wrapping gifts for your loved ones? What are your considerations in buying gifts? Please do share them below. 🙂

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