During thesis-making days, we often do sleepovers at Roger’s house. Roger is one of my groupmates and their house is the nearest to our school that’s why. The people there are very hospitable. They always provide us delicious foods and sometimes even let us bring home some of the fruits in their farm. Yes, they have a farm!

They are an extended family and everyone are really very nice. There’s this kid named Gamaliel. He’s shy and he rarely talks when we’re around but Roger says that he’s such a talkative child. I adore him because he is closer with me than the other members of the group. We share Milo and he always says goodbye to me whenever we’re going home. I don’t like kids that much but when I do, they become my favorites. And Gama is one of my few favorite kids. Well, there are only two of them anyway. Gama and Darwin our neighbor. 🙂


Last Christmas I gave them basketballs because that’s what I can only afford. I am happy that they seem to like it even if that’s just a simple gift. When I grow up and has a high-paying job, I would give this kids more Christmas gifts. I am not even their ninang. Hehe.  I just adore them so much. 🙂

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