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For the first time!

I have been eyeing on these “scrapbooking” thingies on every National Bookstore that I visit but I never really got the chance nor the money to buy one. I find these things very adorable and enjoyable to use but the price holds me back from buying them. Luckily, my spoiled little sister had an assignment which included art and design materials. Being the spoiled brat as she is, little sister requested for these stuff and wolla! instant scrapbooking things on our household without me spending a single peso.

all about scrapbooking

I very much enjoyed helping her in her project which is a mask that has to be submitted tomorrow. I just hope that she will get a high grade though the mask looked very simple.

Marxi's project

If the materials are this expensive, you really just have to put the right amount of imagination and creativity to make things work.

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