For the bid

Time Management is the Key.

Guess who procrastinates again. I am supposed to be looking for construction supplies prices but here I am writing on my ever-so-abandoned blog. Not being on the Internet for so long keeps me away from writing thus my writing habits had gone away too. I don’t even know if my grammar is correct.

You know what? I have a bunch of assignments waiting to be done but I don’t know where to start. This Construction Management project also drives me crazy. My group is pressured and we really want to win the “bid” and I’m really sorry that I wasn’t able to participate in our group’s overnights because I wasn’t allowed to and the weather’s condition isn’t of much help.

I really, really want us to win the bid that’s why I’m eager to look for the prices of the materials that my group mates sent me. If ever you have suggestions on where to find construction supplies prices, Id be very happy to receive your help.

I miss writing but I have to focus now.

Write again, uhh, maybe later. 🙂


OT: Bea is asleep. 🙂

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