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First post using WordPress app

Welcome to my blog again. It’s been ages since I last posted that I want to go back to blogging but my case is far more severe than a writer’s block that even though I have too much to write about, I simply won’t. Any blogger there who knows what my case is called? Or is it simply our favorite word: procrastination.

I already forgot when I decided to make this blog my cosplay blog and though I have written a few related stuff, I know this doesn’t look close as a cosplay blog at all.

Too much for the negativity though, I just want to share this first step that I took to make a new post and revive this blog again.

I remember too well how I would schedule my posts in this blog years back. I miss it actually and now I’m glad I stepped out from simply missing it and moved on to actually doing something about it.

Now, I am posting via WordPress app which is free for download at Google Playstore and man, did I realize how much I missed not downloading this app before.

If you have (or have not, because I will just say it again here) read my previous somehow latest posts, I am currently in Japan right now for training. I did not bring my laptop because I plan to buy here but up to now, I am having seconds thoughts because of warranty stuff and whatnot. So going back, that is actually the main reason why I seldom blog nowadays. Which points me back to this WordPress app.

Sure blogging on a larger screen is great but in my current situation and (e.g. lack of resources), blogging via app on a 6in. mobile phone is better than nothing.

I guess this is what they mean by make the best with what you have, because indeed, i only have my phone, an incredibly way faster internet connection and sleepless nights which I wasted in social media few months back.

Now, I hope I get to bring back Castles in the Air to its state just as before and I wish to gain friends again through this.

Any tips on how to effectively blog using only mobile phone? I would love to hear from fellow bloggers too. I hope you can help me keep the blogging fire in me burning.


No photo because I am still exploring the app. ?

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