Almost 250 hours to go and I will be completing my last on-the-job training for this semester. Yes, I am currently undergoing the training with my two best college friend namely Donna and Clarence at Monolith Construction and Development Corporation. After weeks of OJT hunt, we ended up going to the very site which we tend to ignore when we were too busy sharing long walks along Ortigas in our desperate hope of finding a company that offers training with allowance.

But maybe, it’s our fate to enter Monolith and share experiences with the engineers there — with or without allowance and we already accepted the fact that we are there to learn, not to earn and by earning I mean, “the money” not other deeper chuchu or whatever.

The project actually just started with the large amount of earth still waiting to be removed on the excavation site. Since we still don’t have our PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) which we have to provide ourselves, we aren’t allowed to go down the excavation site yet but we’re lucky enough to witness what’s happening down there.

The only shot we got which shows at least a part of what's happening down there. Just ignore my hunchback-of-notredame-like pose.

We will be spending, I think , two and a half months in this site so I might as well enjoy our stay. The people there are very friendly and our shyness easily disappeared just days after we started. Now we are called the “Angels” by almost everybody and we just enjoy the attention being given. I just hope that we can be able to go down and witness the operation face-to-face rather that like this when we just look like a bunch of tourists staring down at the amazing work being done without even understanding what it is.

And yes, I am ending this post with a photo of the “Angels” struggling to look pleasant after estimating floor, wall and ceiling finishes.

Wish us luck! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. good luck with the training! you can do it girl! 🙂 anyway the angels who try to look pleasant indeed look pleasant 🙂 pretty girls 🙂 take care sweetie! >:D<


    1. wow! everything you said sounded so sweet i want to taste them hahahaha poor figure of speech is poor. thank you sis. 🙂

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