Years ago, I’ve planned on making a collage of the things that I wanted to own in my life just like Caroline Channings’ dream board in 2 Broke Girl$, if you know that TV show. Years later, I finally made it. Thanks to insomnia again, I found the reason to do so. If not because of lacking anything to do and the upcoming Christmas will I be able to fulfill this plan of mine.


I really didn’t put numbers or any kind of specifications because I am not really expecting people to give any of these to me. Yeah, even my friends. I know how poor we are and I understand if they won’t be able to make my wishes come true. I’d just try my very best to have each of these items someday.

Especially the baking books and the Norweigan Wood CD. I’ve been searching the innermost parts of Youtube just to be able to watch that movie but I always end up with a trailer. I really wanted to watch this movie that’s why it’s part of my wishlist. Though I indicated “all I want for Christmas”, most of these items are my lifetime wishes. Yes, including Heechul. Hihi. :3

The others are the books that I want to read even if they are old and a lot of new novels are out. The red converse has been a dream of mine to have ever since I had the black one. And the iPod nano 6th gen, because you know, as a student, music players help a lot in busy and boring days alike.

Most importantly, the Bible. I have never owned a Bible ever in my life and I guess, it’s about time that I have my self one. It’s the food of our soul. Mine must be very, very hungry now.

That’s all. I hope you are able to make your own wishlist as well. If not by collage but a simple list may do. For you to be inspired everyday and strive hard to achieve what you’ve always wanted. 🙂


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