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Farewell dear domain

I almost forgot about it until I lack of ideas on what to post and I decided to browse on my other blogs. To my surprise I saw one of my Tumblr blogs under and discovered that it’s under a parked domain. Yes, my crushed-diamond(dot)info already expired without me noticing it. I even had its badge on my blogs, I suppose I have to remove them now. 🙁

I don’t know how to react. I feel ashamed of myself being unable to update that blog and then letting its domain expire just like that. The fact that I won it from the very first online giveaway that I joined made my regret grow even higher. I don’t have the face to show to Nadine now that I haven’t done anything worthwhile with the domain that she gave me. 🙁

And I am even planning of buying a new domain! Anyway, I already have a plan with that so I am sure that I can keep that updated and hopefully renew it every year. And for the blog that crushed-diamond left, I still run it under and I just made a few posts in it.


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