Far but not alone

Five months back, I was this plain Manila girl struggling with everyday Ortigas Extension traffic congestion —yes, apparently, traffic was the biggest problem for me back then. So along with a handful of worries from personal life to work, I prepared myself to step on a huge adventure, to bid goodbye to my comfort zone and to explore a totally different world. Going to Japan has been a constant dream of mine and I do not know what good deed my past self did before but it truly was a blessing to be granted a training course in the country I can only reach in my dreams back then.

People might think that I am having the time of my life in this country, they aren’t wrong but it is also true that there is no place like home. I am thankful for technology because I am able to easily keep in touch with my family.

Even if I am miles away from everyone, I believe family will always be by your side.

Excuse me while I fight the urge to sing Titanic’s OST—but actually no, let’s not fight it because indeed—near, far, wherever you are~ no matter how happy your day has been, it will always feel even better if you can share it to your loved ones. Regardless of the distance, they are the ones who are always willing to listen and be actually happy for your happiness. Same goes with the lonely days, they are the very special ones who can easily take the pain away because you know that the love that they are showing you is true. At home in the Philippines, I was not that open with my family as I am now and I am thankful that Tokyo happened that it lead me to being more open to them which is nice. ^u^

Thank you Internet! lol

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