Fangirl friend again

“OMG. I just had a Heechul conversation with a non-Kpop-fan friend. In English!”

I was supposed to post that as my Facebook status but then I lacked the courage to do so because I’ve gained a lot of Facebook friends just right after our batch tour and having so many online friends — including our very own professors– I am now being more aware of what to write and not. Though at times, I still can’t resist posting about my fangirling in which I just cover my ears and close my eyes for possible negative comments.


Some of my friends –actually most of them– don’t accept Kpop that much yet and having that kind of conversation with Drex is very delighting. He doesn’t like KPop. He hates it even but still, I was able to introduce Heechul to him. Kim Heechul the man of my dreams. And as expected, he accused Heechul of being gay. Who wouldn’t though? He’s prettier than some Korean girl idols for my liking. But the thought remains, I have yet instilled Heechul’s existence to another person here on Earth. I was glad that he didn’t show any acts of hatred towards Heechul. In fact, I was more surprised than glad because normally, when I spazz about Heechul to my non-Kpop-fan friends, they’d be all like “Stop it. You’re so irritating!”. Sometimes I actually stop, sometimes I continue as if nobody’s rolling their eyes at me.

We all have our own taste in everything. Love what you love and don’t be afraid to show the world how much.

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