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Fangirl Diaries: SB19 WHAT❓ mood film Interpretation

The mood film presented so much depth despite it being a one minute video of random snippets that we may take as representations. The boys aren’t clearly even shown yet it left a great impression to viewers. The tantamount of theories in Twitter can serve as proof. As of this writing, the video is on Youtube #18 trending with 116,928 views from its premiere 21 hours ago.

Watch the mood film here:

I may be late to the party, but here’s my interpretation to SB19’s mood film for their upcoming comeback consistently called “WHAT❓” By the way, I am writing from my A’Tin point of view. From what I know so far about the boys.

This interpretation will be focused on each members’ story and how those relate to the scenes presented in the mood film. Quick disclaimer, I may be wrong in my assumptions on who appeared on which scenes and I’d be glad to be corrected and proven wrong on the actual music video release on March 9. For now, allow me to just willingly squeeze my remaining brain cells to as a way of showing my appreciation to the masterpiece that is the “WHAT❓ Mood Film” by SB19.

Elevator scene – Sejun
He let go of his corporate career to pursue performing. Turned his back to a steady paying job with only a burning passion that shines a bright light through the gaps of any shut doors. Being on a floor level with already a certain number, he decided to go “W“herever his talent can bring him.

Digging on soil – Josh
Looked like he dig something more than he buried it. Talks a lot about his past struggles. Most fans are well-aware that Josh didn’t have it easy growing up, in fact he’s had it way harder. Performing however, has always been his hope and light. He overcame the challenges of his past, took its lessons along and ventured to the path that his heart truly desires.

Sparkling fabric – Stell

Society’s perception of “idols” or pop performers is often “grand” just as the sparkly fabric which covered up the whole screen on the beginning of this scene. With a sharp tool partnered by a careful handling, he broke the stereotype. That tool was his talent and he “tailored” a cape of his own through it. Notice how he wore it inside out, signifying that what’s inside is more important that the grandeur of the façade.

Unsteady steps – Ken
“Chained” to a humble life in the province, he tried to step up but the “steps” weren’t easy as life never was. He ventured to an unfamiliar territory with the T-Square as the only certain thing that he has, the only thing that can somehow give him accurate figures. Just as he clutched to his talent and started performing in the city far from his family yet a step further to his dream.

Chasing – Justin
Dubbed as the “rich kid,” the fancy one who only has a “pretty face”. He shakes the prejudice off without throwing them away. Instead he runs with it towards a more improved him. Taking their previous achievements as “stepping” stones to surpass no one but their old selves. His paces bigger than the previous ones in this one track race that more and more dares to take.

End of interpretation.

These may be just simple interpretations compared to other mind-boggling theories because the boys’ stories has been out there since the beginning but as a fan, I have always used their life lessons as inspiration in living my life, too.

After all, we all know that this mood film is just the tip of the iceberg. With the passion that SB19 has and how the pandemic actually hindered all those to be release, I know for a fact, that now that they are given the chance to finally carry out their plans, they would not dare take it for granted.

If you’re an A’Tin and happen to reach this blog post of mine. Please leave your thoughts! I’d love to hear from my fellow fan. If you’re not an SB19 fan yet but still reach to this point, thank you very much! You might want to consider knowing them, too so I am leaving their social sites below.

Disclaimer on the media used in this blog post:
The photos of each scene mentioned are screencaps from the “WHAT❓ Mood Film” itself. Property of ShowBT Philippines.

The screencaps were used for presentation purposes only and not for any commercial gain.

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