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Fangirl Diaries: SB19 and orchestra

As a self-proclaimed hardcore fangirl, I also admit I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to music technicalities. I remember seeing a meme on Facebook about a set of notes that says, “What an inspirational message.” And when I asked my musically-inclined friend, she said that it only shows the word CABBAGE when you read the notes. I got curious but of course, it would take a lot of time to actually digest everything.

I know how to play the guitar though. And that’s the closest I could say to knowing music but apart from that, I am okay with listening to the by-products of it produced by talented musicians such as my muses, SB19.

SB19 creates their own music and they are very well-known for their flawless harmonization. As a fan, this is where I begin with when introducing SB19 to casuals.

Last August 1st, they held their Back In The Zone (BITZ) online concert which I immediately bought the tickets to. It was online but to me, it felt like actually watching a live event. Especially because I haven’t seen SB19 in person yet, but I really felt emotional while watching them. I really appreciate them and their craft so much! Just as I was recovering from BITZ con, months after, they announced another concert held this October!

Perplexed mostly because I worry if I can afford it after just spending for the previous one but also because of the upcoming concert’s theme. Thru their official social media accounts, they announced Forte: A Pop Orchestra Concert.

SB19 and orchestra? I know their songs are great but an orchestra concert with a boy group is not something that one can think of often. Then I realized, it’s SB19. They really named themselves Soundbreak 19 for a reason. Imagining SB19 songs being played with an orchestra, I immediately thought of Shingeki no Kyojin Live reading and orchestra event that I would often watch. It totally gave a different feel to the music but still sounded great nonetheless, immaculate even. Now, I can’t help but imagine What? by SB19 being played with an orchestra. What? on it’s original version is already a masterpiece of musical diversity to begin with. Sadly, the tracklist was already announced and What? is not included but the other songs included still make this concert a worthy one.

And not only that, this concert also features the world renowned groups and musicians such as 4th Impact, Nicole Pugeda, Isaac Iglesias, and SSC Chamber Choir.

Tickets for Forte: A Pop Orchestra Concert can be bought thru or thru the link below:

Hoping I could gather enough funds for this!

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