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Facebook’s “On this day” feature can actually be a worth-scanning through at times. My cosplay from a year ago was the featured memory today. Curious because it was a cosplay convention that I enjoyed, I decided to check more throwback posts. I did find a few cosplay-related ones but one off-cosplay status of mine of the same memory lane stood out to me and lead me to writing this post.
It was a shared photo from Quote Catalog and I simply captioned with a single letter “K.” The shared photo says, “If it weren’t for second chances, we’d all be alone.”

"If it weren't for second chances, we'd all be alone." - Gregory Alan Isakov  Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/QuoteCatalog:

Two years have passed since the post but I instantly knew what that “K” meant.No, it didn’t mean a shorter “Okay.” nor “Fine,” and most definitely not potassium. But a person.

This may be a little cheesy emotional starting from this point so I would understand if you can’t read on. I didn’t have a Valentine’s post too so this would do.

A couple of years back, life made me experience something that I can only see in movies, something I never knew was survivable. Luckily, I am here writing this so, I survived.I know being heartbroken is but a part of life. That being left behind, is a common challenge most people in this world faces. My heart back then was so young and carefree and also very fragile. I was left by a person I loved. Everything happened so instantaneously, a piddling sting of pain in my heart still twinges whenever I think of it. It was true what every heartbroken person says. Along with your heart, your world will crumble to pieces. Mine was shatterred to inumerable debris that I didn’t know if I can start again. Had I known, I could not fathom how.

That was back then.

Good thing it is also true, that time can heal our wounds.Day by day, a part of the universe appears to me to help me get back up or at least make it another day until another help comes. That kept me going. And that was the best thing that happened among every other episode in this experience — I kept going. From day 1 when I can barely open my swollen eyes to day whatever when I finally, personally chose to heal, I kept on moving forward. Through the help of everyone around me who actually cared, I survived. They were the answers to my prayers. Literally heaven sent angels and I will forever be thankful to God for their existence.

I continue moving on up to this day when I tell the story to share a lesson rather than an emotion. Part of my recovery is accepting that I had my faults as well. I realized that I also had my mistakes that lead to the downfall of the relationship. At some point, I put all the blame on my wrongdoings and thought that no one will ever choose me again because of my past mistakes.But thanks to that post by Quote Catalog, I was reminded that I am still worthy to be loved. Along with my mistakes are the realization that failing, does not mean an end. Failure is just an opportunity for us to start again, this time, smarter.

Now that I am looking at it at a better angle, I am able to say that hardships, failing relationships, rejection, are all parts of our life that we cannot run from. Negative happenings serve as turning point for our improvement. Heartaches lead the way to healing and second chances. We just have to make ourselves look at the brighter side of things.

K, the person that I was referring to in the caption, is my second chance in love. He accepted me and made me feel that whatever happened in the past is part of the past. He taught me to take the hardships as stepping stones to see a better view of the future.

At a certain part of our lives, we’ll face challenges. It is something that happens unexpectedly or as outcomes of our decisions but once that’s it’s already there, we have no control over it anymore so make use of what you can do,make the best of what you have and that is yourself. Choose to be better, choose to heal, look forward to your second chance.

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