Cosplay Diary

Excitement galore

I can count with my fingers the number of days left until I transform to a Japanese school girl under the name Tainaka Ritsu. In behalf of my cosplaymates, let me deliberate the excitement that each fiber of our being experiences.

Original plan is to not let anybody know about this cosplaying that we’re going to do. But being a bunch of college girls with close to zero cosplay experience, we needed assistance which only meant, we have to expose our plans. With my mother’s aid and the fabric in hand, we found a very cheap tailor shop, surrendered the fabric with the photos of the uniform as reference.  After having our measurements jotted down, we savored the moment upon realization that indeed, we will be cosplaying as the girls of K-0n!


The uniform-in-proress served as our cue and we then started to purchased wigs, bangs, hair accessories, false eyelashes and socks.

Days dragged on. Two weeks to go… One week… Four days. OMG.

Most of the time, it’s just the four of us (me, Clarence, Janel and Donna) who do the preparation because Clarence’s sister is busy at work but she will cosplay with us on the day of the cosplay con. Everytime the four of us are together, the dead air moments were replaced by sudden screeching of any one of us. Silence in the group means deep internalization and awe for ourselves in a few days. WE ARE COSPLAYING TOGETHER AS A GROUP! Nervous as hell, we try to encourage one another because our cosplay may look simple only but we have put on a different level of effort in here already. This is our first time to cosplay that’s why we are still experimenting and I hope that this Saturday won’t be the finish line of our cosplaying journey.

Still very excited.

Tainaka Ritsu

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