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Event Review: Ozine Fest 2019 Day 2

April 7, 2019. SM Megamall.

Adulting and summer heat lead me to attend in my “tao mode” on this year’s Ozine Fest. Casual, no costume or wig. I just wanted to fangirl and bond with my friends.

Arrived around after lunch, I was surprised to see the hallway of the 5th floor teeming with people: cosplayers and congoers alike. I mean, I never thought SM Megamall would allow cosplayers outside the halls anymore at all. Well, as a congoer, I was happy. Being greeted by Nana (Mobile Legends) upon alighting from the escalator, I knew my fangirl heart will be full that day. We (Kenneth and I) decided to check out more of the cosplayers outside first before entering the hall. And boy, was I delighted. Mobile Legends, Boku no Hero Academia… BAKUGOU oh my god. They were everywhere.

Event Review:
Ozine Fest 2019 Day 2

With my fangilring purpose met from the very start, I thought, “This event will be a good one.”

Now for the event proper.

Ticket price, PhP230, is quite high for a one-hall event. Also, there’s not much going on. The place wasn’t that cramped though, unlike Toycon. Consequently so, the variety of shops was small. I wanted to buy All Might shirts but everything was cliche. I think we’ve roamed like 10x to only see the same merch and the same faces, literally bumping to that same Boku no Hero cosplayer who also seemed to be looking for just anything to buy. Almost all shops sell the same things: button pins, shirts, plushies, same old toys…and more button pins.

Food shops at least offered variety. But SM has food court too so… nothing special with that.

It’s not all disappointment though.

The part that I enjoyed the most is the Anime Karaoke Contest and band performances. Surprisingly but also maybe because I wasn’t cosplaying then so I got to use the time I usually allot to taking photos of my cosplay to actually watch the performances. One girl sang PEACE SIGN. And yes, you’re right. I sang my lungs out from mumbled lyrics in the verses to straight Nihongo in the chorus part. I love Boku no Hero Academia so much!! I hope she won! She really did a wonderful performance. I used to watch band performances too especially when my favorite anime songs are being played but this Ozine Fest 2019 was different, I watched a band perform because one of their members was cosplaying Bakugou Katsuki!! The band is AsianChickenFest and aside form drummer Bakugou, everyone performed with great passion too.

Overall, Ozine Fest 2019 is not that bad of an event for me but also something that isn’t that special. One should not regret not attending but going isn’t that regretful either. Plus, if I were cosplaying that day, I would be glad to be allowed to roam around in my cosplay. I hope they improve on the program next time. For the price of 230php, the attendees deserve something more than that.

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