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Event Review: Fantasy Quest 4: An August Wayfaring *will add photos soon*

Fernwood Gardens, Quezon City — a place of fantasy feel as it is, was turned even more dream-like as cosplayers from here and abroad gather to showcase their picturesque costumes as well as appreciate other’s.

Fantasy Quest 4, hashtagged as #FQ4, Day 2. October 25, 2015 was my first time to attend Fantasy Quest. Thanks to a blog post that I stumbled upon one time. Getting inspired by the photos I saw, I encouraged my friends to attend also. Honestly, we are the type of cosplayers who simply let our hair down at conventions and do not take them competitively. Hence, we found the 400php too expensive for us back then. But then, seeing the awesome photos taken from the event, and the non-mainstreamness of it we decided to give it a try. And just as we leave Fernwood Gardens at the end of the event, we were fulfilled that we did.

I went as Goth Annie from League of Legends by the way. Carrying Tibbers with me all the time, I failed to capture enough photos for this review. But would still share about them.

So in bullet form again, let the Fantasy Quest 4: An August Wayfaring Review commence.

  • Location – Fernwood Gardens is located at a subdivision within Quezon City. Accessibility-wise, I’ll give it a 7/10. Like I mentioned above, the event is not as mainstream as mall conventions for it is held at a garden venue. Therefore, majority of the first-timers (just like us) are clueless about how to get there. Fortunately, Fernwood Gardens is in Waze so we didn’t have a hard time deciding what transportation service to take. For me, hiring a taxi is the best way to get there.
  • Ticket price – We purchased the regular ticket amounting to 400php, as mentioned. And if you’re used to mall conventions, you’ll find this somehow costly. Considering the ease of access to the place, you would probably go “Ang layo na nga, ang mahal pa.” so it’s a bargain to take if you’re a first time attendee. But then again, what made us decide to attend is the distinct high quality images that we see online from the previous Fantasy Quest events. So it would greatly help to reasearch first if you’re in doubt. Still, I would rate the ticket price 8/10 considering some factors which will be discussed further on. By the way, there is a VIP ticket that costed 1200php which included meet and greet with famous international cosplay guests. I didn’t purchase that one so I can not comment. 🙂
  • Staff – 9/10 because even though a few were not —or maybe none and I’m just that shy—, almost all of the staff were approachable. This is the first thing that I look for in event organization and majority of #FQ4 were that. I also liked their uniform, I want one actually. Hehe. I also appreciate this cute Medic guy that roams around with medicines and first aid kit. This is the only event that I saw such and it’s a plus with a plus and a plus. With the weather, head-hugging wig and wig cap and the bulky armors, it surely is a must to have a medic nearby.
  • Facilities – 9/10.
    *Photoshoot venues – There is no contesting with the photoshoot venues. If I could, I would love my photos taken in all Gardens, day to night. I love the lights. The lights are majestic. I love the small areas where specific scenes can be created. I love the waterfalls, the fish-feeding ducks. I love the somewhat crumpled but still grand red carpet effect to the stage.
    *Comfort room – What made me give a 9 is the comfort room facility. Two is okay but since it is expected that most of the attendees will wear regal costumes, I think each cosplayer will really take a long time preparing. I’m not sure how but it would be great if a little bit more could be provided for us.
    *Baggage Counter – Still, I would also like to highlight a key facility that made our entire Fantasy Quest experience comfortable — Baggage Counter!!! This feature is very underrated in an event but it truly help cosplayers a lot in enjoying the event and Fantasy Quest 4 did not overlook it. They even provided an entire room for it. It accommodates all of our stuff that we can roam around as our characters per se without having to worry about our inappropriate backpacks I wanna cry. 🙂
    *Resting area – sadly, there is no resting area. One of the reasons why I rated the Ticket Price 8/10 because there is not much area for us to sit down after roaming aorund for a long time which for me, should at least be provided even in bits in some parts of the venue since Fernwood Gardens is a really huge photoshoot location.
  • Programme – 8/10. Actually I wasn’t able to follow the program proper. Maybe because the organizers probably have considered that photoshoots would be held most of the time hence, they did not put much emphasis on it? I’m not really sure. If it isn’t too much to ask though, program bulletins can be posted at some area where cosplayers who aren’t having a photoshoot can check for upcoming activities. The speakers helped a lot but it made the center stage feel far since we cannot see the emcee. I suggest they put the center stage at an area where newcomers can immediately see it so that they’ll know where to go after dressing up. On the brighter side, I could not just end this post without mentioning the Grand Ball. It intensified the fantasy in Fantasy Quest. Seeing cute partners dance along the solemn music, I really felt like I was in a different world and I am not even exaggerating! I loved how the once playful crowd of cosplayers turned into lovely dancing couples. The venue complements the scene. That moment was perfect. It was the best part of Fantasy Quest for me.
  • Perks – I dont even know how to summarize this part. The experience itself, being able to be part of such an amzaing event, I will forever be proud of those things. Also, the high quality photos that was taken of my Goth Annie cosplay. Such output was far beyond my expectations. I never thought my cosplay could look that great in photos. It’s all because of the perfect venue and very talented photographers. The experience itself is something that I’ll always be looking back in my cosplay life. And let me just include the Grand Ball in this part as well for this indeed is one of my most memorable cosplay experience to date. Lastly, I would like to thank the generosity of Geolica Contact Lenses for sponsoring the free contact lens for the attendees! Not all may have gotten one but I did, so thanks Geolica! It’s not everyday that you get free lenses, how much more Geolica brand! This is one of the leading contact lens brand in the country and it’s an honor to own one. I got one in blue for free! Thanks again, Geolica!

Phew! That’s one lengthy post!
If you got to this part, thanks for keeping up with me and my #FQ4 feels. If you haven’t attended Fantasy Quest before, I hope this post have given you reasons to try it out next time. And oh, did I mention that Fantasy Quest 5 is being propsed to be held at Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay? First-timer or not, that’s another thing to look forward too!

See you!

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