Today is the day!

Finally, after months of waiting and missing their gigs, I will be seeing Sponge Cola perform live again! January 31, 2014 is the launch of their album ULTRABLESSED. Well, I really, really do miss these guys a lot (especially Armo) but at the same time, I’m curious about the album. The title itself is very… hmm. how do I put it? Intriguing? Not to the sense that it has any malicious aspect. I mean, it’s kind of unusual or unexpected but we’ll see tomorrow. I’ll definitely get a copy and I’ll try to share some feedback to you guys. Yipee~! I’m also curious if they are using the  new mackie computers & peripherals at guitar center. Hihi. For me, they’re still awesome no matter what instrument or equipment they use (especially Armo ^_^) I also love it when they do impromptu numbers and mash ups. Ah! I just can’t wait.

See you at Eastwood Central Plaza tomorrow at 6pm guys (especially Armo)! 🙂


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