13* was what I believed the number of times Bea and I mentioned words of endearment and appreciation (e.g. “Ang pogi!”) for Super Junior during the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011 (MAMA 2011)  in Singapore. From the Red Carpet to the short exposures during the awarding itself and more during their performance. *I started counting when the show was nearing its end, it’s a 4 hour event so maybe my counting was only 1/16 ofthe total number of times that we said those words.

Super Junior, or may I say all Korean performers, really put their best shot in each of their performances. Upon seeing Super Junior perform their smashing hits, I understood what VJ Bianca was pertaining about when she shared her opinion on MYX about the Korean male group’s number in MAMA 2011. I totally relate with her words, “When you thought that it’s already the best then boom! There’s more!” And indeed, with my own eyes, I witnessed Super Junior’s superb execution of Superman, Mr. Simple and Sorry Sorry. They’re very great! And I’m proud to say that the inspiration behind the mass of back-up dancers for “Sorry Sorry” was inspired by the Youtube video of the Cebu dancing inmates which became popular and later on personally seen by Super Junior themselves.

After watching MAMA 2011, I had a sudden respect for Korean artists. They deserve the fame and success that they’re experiencing right now because of the passion that they exert in their performances. I also noticed, whenever a winning artist or group delivers their speech, they always promise to “give the best for the fans”. The Korean artists value their fans very much and so each of the winners deserve to win. Super Junior won three awards: Singapore’s Choice, Best Male Group and Album of the Year Award.

"We are Super Juni~or!"

The boys were still bubbly when they received the first two trophies but when the final and the biggest award was handed to them and SuJu Leader LeeTeuk started to deliver the groups’ speech, the environment suddenly turned silent. They were very thankful for the award that they were actually in tears. I was shaking when I saw a close up of crying Kyuhyun flashed on the screen.

let me wipe those tears away..

Seeing those wonderful, talented, young men cry, made us feel sad also especially when Leeteuk mentioned that he’ll be enlisting to the army just like the other members. I’m sure all the ELFs in the whole world will be sharing the same sorrow as another member of their most beloved group will take a break from the music scene. I’m not even used to not seeing Heechul in their dance numbers but I still adore the whole performance which I can totally say made me an Official ELF already. In my heart I’m an EverLasting Friend of Super Junior but if there are some kind of procedures to take to be called an “Official ELF” well then not formally but by heart I am.

Though I know a lot of people who criticize KPop lovers, I don’t regret being a fan of this genre and what made me more proud is that Sandara Park, who started as a shy chick here in my country bloomed into a accomplished member of a KPop group which I also idolize, 2NE1 who received one of the three biggest awards that day along with Suju and SNSD.

Top: SNSD-Artist of the Year | Middle: 2NE1-Song of the Year | Bottom: Super Junior-Album of the Year

If you wantto see the list of all the winners of MAMA 2011, click here.

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2 thoughts on “ELF!

  1. Koreans are really handsome/pretty and talented! I am not really a kpop fan but I do know suju, 2ne1 and snsd because of my brother who is a super kpop fan!

    1. it’s nice to know people who are not kpop fans but don’t criticize those who like kpop because just like what I’ve said in this post, I encounter a lot of people who say rude things to kpop fans. thank you for always supporting my posts and please tell your brother i said hi. 🙂

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