E-Diary: Things I learned from trying to lose weight and failing it

It’s the first of the month! Only that it’s also the 11th month of the year. What felt like centuries when we were at the beginning of this pandemic, with all the lockdown and restrictions, indeed has transformed into our new normal. As if we’ve been doing this ever since and time flew just like that.

Nevertheless, every day is still a new day. And I today want to share something that I didn’t expect I would actually do at this time of the year, not on a November at the very least.

I am going to start working out and this time, more seriously. One reason is that I aim to lose weight before we go back to office since I worry if my work uniform would still fit. Another thing is that recently, Kenneth gifted me a fitness watch for our anniversary. He just started cycling as a workout too so maybe that’s where he got the inspiration to give me one. Should I expect a bike this Chritsmas? Lol

I have always been a beginner when it comes to working out. I took boxing sessions years back but had to stop after a few months because the person I was going with stopped too. When I was working in Japan, I did dance exercises every night and even joined volleyball players during practice but I didn’t get to continue when I came back to the Philippines. I loved the process, I loved sweating out, I enjoyed exercising overall but there came a point when it became more of a task than something that I really wanted to do for myself.

Out of all the attempts that I did in the past, I realized these ten common points that are important to keep in mind.

  1. Have a goal. Make it simple, doable and always keep it in mind.
  2. Find inspiration through people around you. Be better for yourself to be better to others too.
  3. Equip if you can. Not necessarily required but can be of help.
  4. Start from within. Set your heart to what you want.
  5. Do not deprive yourself. Your goal must be an inspiration, not an order to be followed.
  6. Plan your steps.
  7. Start with what you can then learn along the way.
  8. Be consistent.
  9. Take rests.
  10. Reward yourself.

As I write this, I realized having a goal is one but the willingness to reach it is another story. Now that I have a fitness watch by me, I am more determined to see the results of doing things the proper way. Also the thought that the person who gave it to me being concerned about my health is another driving force that I can work with. I might also check out Bombshell Sportswear for a few bombshell workout tops for women for an added inspiration. And believe it or not, my old boxing gloves resurfaced from storage since my dad is doing some repairing here at home.

I will try to keep a journal of my workout progress and share it here. Not sure if it’s too late or quite early for a new year’s resolution but here’s another attempt to make things fall to the right places.

If you happen to have any workout tips, just comment here I’d be happy to check them out! Help me fit to my uniform again!! 😊

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