Double Cheeseburger Discount

At last, I have benefited from McDo’s coupon thingy. Hehe!

On the last day of the promo, May 30, I used the coupon which entitles me a Double Cheeseburger with drinks for P75. Since I stayed overtime on my OJT that day, I have no choice but to buy on the nearest McDo branch in our place, which I hate the most because the service crew work very slow. But it’s 11pm and the promo ends in an hour so I used the coupon there.

Yeah, it’s just a small discount but I don’t want to waste the opportunity and that’s still a couple of peso to save so why not, right?

I divided the burger into two and gave some to Xari because she hasn’t tasted a Double Cheeseburger yet. Hehe!

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