Double Cheeseburger Discount

At last, I have benefited from McDo’s coupon thingy. Hehe!

On the last day of the promo, May 30, I used the coupon which entitles me a Double Cheeseburger with drinks for P75. Since I stayed overtime on my OJT that day, I have no choice but to buy on the nearest McDo branch in our place, which I hate the most because the service crew work very slow. But it’s 11pm and the promo ends in an hour so I used the coupon there.

Yeah, it’s just a small discount but I don’t want to waste the opportunity and that’s still a couple of peso to save so why not, right?

I divided the burger into two and gave some to Xari because she hasn’t tasted a Double Cheeseburger yet. Hehe!

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4 thoughts on “Double Cheeseburger Discount

  1. naalala ko tuloy yung mga friends ko dahil sa discount coupons. tuwing nagpapamigay eh kumukuha kami hanggang sa hindi na namin alam kung paano uubisin, halos na ka taglilima kami na sobre.

    1. Haha! Silly. But the coupons i used here were the ones you get when you buy their Floats. Haha.Im addicted to Blueberry float. 😀

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