Dong Hae Fat Choi


Super Junior fans, don’t get mad. I am a die-hard ELF too. This is not intended to offend Donghae.


My college friends and I went to Divisoria last August 13 to window shop for outfits that we can use as inspiration for our graduation pictorial held yesterday. We came across this cosplay shop and you can guess what happened. We can’t afford anything from that shop so we went home with the ideas instead. Hehe!

Roger, the richest of us all, isn’t much of an anime fan so he just relies on our suggestion on what costume he will use. The ultimate otakus, Clarence and Donna, suggested some pretty interesting characters that fit him but Roger is still on second thoughts. I then suggested that he can just buy Donghae’s outfit in Bench. I am the one who told him to have a haircut like Donghae as well so why not go Donghae all the way, right? That’s how he became Donghae Fat Choi. Meh!

The next day, Tueday, I was late for my only subject that day so I stayed at school until Roger asked me to accompany him to buy our group shirt. Feeling lonely as hell, I obliged. We went straight to Trinoma and looked for Perfect White Shirt but the stocks are limited that the only ones left are those for girls. Trinoma isn’t a very near place from home so I told Roger to buy his outfit there so as not to waste our effort.

We went to Bench and after I fangirled for a few moments, I asked the crew if they have Donghae’s polo in that photo above. They said they only have the cardigan and not the polo so he bought the Super Bench shirt for me instead. After all the travel for his outfit, we ended up buying a polo in Bench branch at Shangrila Mall and a white polo shirt at Mint.

Just as I thought that he has made up his mind already, he still kept on asking on what he’ll look like on the pictorial he even thought of buying Men’s Falt Caps to match his outfit but later on realized that his new haircut will be hidden. The flat caps look good anyway but with his outfit, he’ll look too over the top so I told him to just wear it next time.

Graduation pictorial day came and here’s how Donghae Fat Choi looked. 😀

Thanks to the make up artists, we were able to come up with a fairly good creative outfit for him without posing topless just as most of the boys in our batch did.

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