Different paths

In this real world that I am currently in, I am surrounded by professional engineers who work hard yet stay happy among each other. They always joke around and share different stories regarding their workers. I love that they treat us just as everyone else. Everybody is just so friendly we never really had a hard time fitting in there.

But despite the fun and light moments, I heard that some of them are about to leave to Singapore and some are retiring. I am not sure but that’s what’s been circling around the office these past few days. That makes me really sad. I know there aren’t any strong relationship bonds between us — OJT’s and engineers — but I have always hated good-byes and for me, them going is like taking away the fun and happiness that have been created.

I just wish that whatever their decision is, it will make them always happy and satisfied. There’s the internet by the way, they can still be connected to each other via social networking sites. Before they go, maybe I, together with my OJT-mates can give them a sort of remembrance or retirement gift for foodies so that they’ll still remember us even though we’ll never see them often again.

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