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Death Note Live Action

I was just halfway through the first season of the anime Death Note when I saw this Death Note live action CD at Ate Lhyzie’s CD collection. It was love at first site. L stared at me as if saying, “Love me,” and I immediately did. I haven’t got any idea about the anime nor  the live action yet. It was mere peer influence that made me watch this anime and the live action just came into view when I just falling in love with the anime.

I insisted into watching this movie during our overnight but nobody notices me so I fangirl alone on one side of the bed with the Death Note CD clutched near my heart. We watched different movies but from time to time I stare into that CD case enclosing my most beloved. I wanted to watch it so bad that I finished two seasons in a row. I saved the third for last.

Yagami Light also didn’t looked near as the anime character. L is perfect as he always is. Amane Misa is cute and also far different from the anime. Some scenes were really very different and I can say that the anime’s plot is better than the live action.

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