Custom stress balls

January 26, 2013

When roaming around Divisoria, I spotted this anime store which I haven’t gone to yet before. They sell the usual stuff, anime posters, stickers, nendoroids, action figures, costumes and many more but  what caught my attention are the custom stress balls that they are selling. I never thought of stress balls being customized before but I think it is a really great idea. Stress balls are very important and having your favorite anime printed on it makes the stress go away. 🙂

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    1. hi len! sorry but i already forgot the name moreover i didnt even think of getting their contact number. im so sorry. but what im sure of is it’s just within the 168 mall.

  1. hi! can you please give me more clues? =) is the store in the upper floors? near an entrance or escalator? sorry for being so kulet. it’s just i’ve been looking for these fancy shaped stress balls for the longest time, and im a newbie divi shopper too. haha!… thanks again! =)

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