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Crochet-lover mom clothes her daugter with cute costumes

Trisha, owner of Pink Paradise blog is a very proud mom to cute baby girl Cless. A quick look on her blog strongly suggests that you prepare yourself for possible kawaii-ness overdosage. [kawaii = cute]

She is happily married and is a full-time mom now. But with a lot of hobbies. ^_^ I guess you just really can’t take away art in an artist’s heart. That’s why she still manages to explore yet another hobby which is crocheting while taking care of her hubby and their baby.

Brace yourselves for cuteness overload that is baby Cless in creatively crocheted costumes.

1. Literally ‘Little’ Mermaid

I think this is Trisha’s first attempt on making her baby’s crochet costumes. And it makes me angry that it is. For a first attempt, the design and concept is so perfect it looked like she’s been doing it for a long time when in fact, this is her first try. I mean, look at that mermaid hair, simply imagining the amount of yarn needed for this specific part only makes my head ache already. And don’t get me started with the tail. The cutest mermaid tail I’ve seen, I would squeeze myself into it if I could, just warning you Trish. Just when I thought the frustration ends there, I see that littler mermaid beside the baby. Yes, we’re all guessing it right. This crochet-loving mommy made that too. JUST HOW CAN ANYONE BE THAT CREATIVE? TRISHA PLEASE TELL US!!! I love the kulambo ocean too by the way! If that’s a kulambo.

More photos: Pink Paradise: My Cutie Little Mermaid

2. Pink Baby Bunny

Lying on a comfy pink fur bed is a cute pink bunny dressed baby. Just as she enjoys cuddling her current playground, I am here wishing I could cuddle, pinch, hug, kiss and play with that pink furball baby. How lucky must your parents be! That bunny embroidery matched her head to toe bunny outfit and made her look more stylishly cute too!

More photos: Pink Paradise: Bunny Baby Cless ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

3. Rainbow Princess Cless

Her mother’s creativity fueled by tender loving care and a rainbow-colored bonnet in her hair made baby Cless a real rainbow princess in this outfit. A matching rainbow footwear complemented her simple rainbow-designed t-shirt and colorful tutu as well. This baby will grow up with a good sense in fashion, I guarantee it.

More photos:Pink Paradise: Anastasia The Rainbow Princess

4. Best gift ever!

Just when you thought you already got the perfect Christmas outfit but you’re a crochet-lover mom so you gotta accessorize it a bit!

5. My most favorite I can almost eat it concept: Watermelon Cutie Outfit

I’m not even sure if this was posted during summer but everytime I look at it, I get the summer vibe and its refreshing feels. The beanie is such a great idea beacuse the out fit seemed more garden-ish to look at with those curly straps emphasizing her cute face.

Baby Cless’ naturally refreshing aura gave justice to the intricately made watermelon summer outfit too. Including the hat which I would want to have too along with the other cute crochet costume props that she has.

And of course, hindi papakabog si mommy with her personal watermelon crocheted top as well. I loved this concept because they both rocked the outfit so effortlessly reciprocating the hardwork alotted to make it.

More photos: Pink Paradise: Watermelom Baby ლζ*♡ε♡*ζლ

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