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Cozy Winter

Last and final month of the year arrives! Holiday season indeed is here. I once exchanged Facebook messages with a friend from abroad and I can tell from how she abuses emoiji and FB chat stickers that she misses the Philippine Christmas spirit so much.

I told her it’s not as cozy as before since it’s El Niño season here, she then shared how the weather there is a lot different than here in the Philippines. She even showed me her photo in layers after layers of clothing saying that with all those sweatshirt, jacket,  and shawl all over her. She still feels cold at times.
 photo donna_zpsg3lmtcqd.png

I shared about Cozy Winters Facebook page to her since I’ve been planning on visiting abroad on winter next year and immediately she got interested in the items. There’s a lot of variety of their products and of course, very stylish too. She loved that there are available heated pad for pets as well!

I can’t wait to have to wear such cozy winter outfits. 🙂

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