Cover photo weakling

Facebook said that my Timeline will be published on May 18 and May 18 it was.

I logged in to my Facebook account, viewed my profile and stared blankly at my poor Timeline. Facebook still asks me to add a cover photo but I don’t have the interest to do so. I feel like once I have added one, I’ll be supporting the very thing that I dislike. But since I cannot alter my Facebook’s fate nor can I afford to deactivate it, I tried to add a cover photo on one of the pages that I own: ChaClaBeRi.

It just a simple like page where I and my three bestbestbestbest friends post updates about each other whenever possible so I figured nobody would notice me practicing the very hard job there.

Here’s the photo that I am planning to make as the cover of the page’s Timeline:

I uploaded this photo from my computer and saved the changes that I made thinking that the action is not at all that hard. I feel like a boss as I refresh the page and reality strike like a bullet when I saw that what appeared to be just a blank space was really the top part of the photo. All the time I thought it was just loading and I waited patiently. To think that I’ve been staring on the actual cover photo published to the world wide web.

Hurriedly, I repeated the process and there I saw something, an instruction that I ignored because of my excitement. I found out that I have to drag the photo to make it look how I want it. hahahaha!

And then finally, I made it:


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