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[COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT] December 2016: Aii En as Yuno Gasai

Anime: Mirai Nikki
Genre: Action, psychological thriller, romance (cr: Wikepedia)
Character: Yuno Gasai
Cosplayer: Aii En
Photographer: Ron dela Cruz of Royal Wonderland

This section on my blog has been consistently on my previous and recent planners since I’m-not-already-sure-when and it’s just now that I finally had the courage to start on it. Thanks to Ron dela Cruz and Aii En’s Mirai Nikki project.

I’ve been a follower of Royal Wonderland since Royal Pinya days and I am well aware that he never fails to bring out the best in each cosplayer’s photographs. What made me decide to feature Aii En in my first Cosplay Spotlight, is that the output of their project showed both the cosplayers’ and the photographer’s passion into bringing Mirai Nikki to life.

Far from what I envisioned before as my first Cosplay Spotlight which was more on mecha or at least a character from an online game, a girl in her plain white undies landed first on my Cosplay Spotlight feature. And I have no regrets.

Partnered with Genesis Miranda, Aii En bravely posed on camera wearing but a pair of white underwear (and that signature pink wig of course!) to transform into the suicidal, psychotic yandere Yuno Gasai. Plus Yuno’s signature accessory — a murder weapon; a knife in this case. This is based on episode 14 where Yuno, head over heels in love, kidnapped her beloved Yukki~ to protect him, according to her, but she just actually wants to keep him for herself. Death shivers in this extreme “clingyness”.


Posted by Royal Wonderland on Sunday, October 23, 2016


This photo, captioned “Teaser………” was the first of the set that I saw and indeed, many were teased, including me. I thought it really looks like a live action still shot of the anime. Minus the vignette that is. But Aii’s mix of blank and creepy expression is so Yuno, I had to stare at the photo long enough to look for the difference. Genesis effortlessly delivered the Yukitero vibe too. Hence, making the photo a clear-cut human world version of the episode.

Seeing that teaser shot, I just couldn’t wait for the rest. I stayed tuned as one by one, Ron uploaded his masterpiece.


In this photo, again, Aii was able to deliver that Yuno vibe effortlessly. Basically so as on the following ones. I believe that is what  happens when you cosplay a character you really love. A character you know too well, you can easily become her. Unless, you’re an actor, then that’s a different story.


“Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki is absolutely one of my favorite characters. From the moment I watched the series, I fell in love with her,” Aii En shared. Indeed, this pink-haired, love-drunk, “death-defier” girl is a one of the bunch of unique characters to ever exist in anime world. Which makes her interesting all the more.


While Yuno is different in her own way, there’s no denying that somehow most girls would relate to her at certain areas especially when it concerns the person she loves. I asked Aii why she chose to cosplay Yuno Gasai and her answer is one of that of a fangirl who relates to a character in a personal level minus the psycho thingy of course, or is it not, Aii? Haha. Kidding aside, the Yuno cosplayer said that she adores Yuno’s sweet character towards Yukiteru, however, once her beloved “Yuki” is threatened by anyone, she changes into a completely different person, a “dark, psychopathic, violent character,” according to Aii. She also mentioned that somehow she feels yandere-like as well (again, minus the killing and violence) at certain situations. Any more yandere fella out there? 🙂


Another favorite shot of mine is this one. This scene has so much similarity with that in the anime. I am not that sure with the food though and why Ron picked that dish to use in post-processing. Yes, the food is edited. If it not for the gravity defying food on the spoon, I would assume they had a nice lunch during the shoot if this is their kind of props. If I were Yukiteru though, I would feel tortured with all those veggies. But still, the live action feel is there.


“I trust and admire the owner’s passion and dedication towards his work,”  shared Aii on her collaboration with Royal Wonderland. Ron’s story-telling through pictures and his way of enhancing the already present on point aura of the cosplayers made him Aii En’s personal choice to work with in this project. And their photos show that she made the right choice.

Aii and Genesis’ perfect interpretation of their characters plus Ron’s talent in photography produced such great output that I can still say I have no regrets choosing Aii En in this blog feature’s debut. Above all, if one is truly passionate about one thing, it will standout no matter how grand or simple the project may be.

For more photos, click here.

Credits to:

Royal Wonderland for the photos

Copyright for Mirai Nikki

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