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Cosplay blog?

How I wish I could put up one. While this blog is almost becoming such, I won’t let it come to that though. It just so happens that I am really busy that the only time I can go online is when I am looking for my character’s photos as reference. And if there’s time, I get to visit my blogs just like now. I am writing about cosplay again. Ugh.

One of my cosplay dreams is having to make my own mecha costume. Mecha, from what I know, is this gigantic, heavy-looking (because you have to find ways to still be able to move around wearing it), very detailed costumes such as Gundam, online game characters, robots and others which requires more than fabric to be made. When I met Ae Ri on the first cosplay con that I attended, I got inspired because she really makes awesome costumes. You can see the passion in every shade of paint and in every cut of whatever material she uses there. I regard her as the mecha goddess because she indeed is! I mean, she’s the only person that I knew who can make such almost exact replicas of the character’s costume she’s portraying. And she’s very approachable and down-to-earth. Talk about inspiration, right? 🙂

Cosplay Spotlight #8 : Ae Ri
Photo: Alodia Gosiengfiao Facebook Fan Page

So yeah, I have been scanning through forums, blogs and websites in the hope of knowing more Ae Ri’s to inspire and teach me as I enter this world of cosplaying. I have also seen some tutorials and scanned industrial supply websites because you know, mecha is not only about fabric and thread. There will come a time that one will need to use cement just to be able to make one costume. Unusual really but it’s all about the art.


Starting small, I’ll have to focus on my recent cosplan which is Saeko Busujima of Highschool of the Dead. Not really a mecha costume but she has a sword, so yeah. A step forward to my dream! 🙂

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