Cosplay Diary

Clip ears!

Honestly, I don’t know how they’re called but since these are hair clips with ears as the design, I decided to call them “clip ears” myself. Haha! We were busy looking for ASCEP Steel Handbook at the second-hand book capital of the Philippines, Recto when our cheap shopaholic radar lead our attention to this sidewalk vendor who sells cute hair accessories.

Before proceeding to Yellowcab to eat, Ticle bought a red hairband for her future cosplaying days and I bought the clip ears for 30 pesos. I still don’t know when to wear these but I have tried these out and good thing it turned out cute on me for the very least. Just like what I’ve said on my previous posts, I am starting to invest on cheap props for now until I can afford to buy the real costumes of the anime characters that I want to portray.

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