Cleaning out my closet. Haha!

Our mother always scolds me and my sister because our closets are a total mess. I actually don’t have a lot of clothes but my closet looks very crowded all the time because it is unorganized and my poor closet have to handle everything that I put in it — from unused folders to shampoo and all these random stuff. I share my closet with my younger sister and hers is as scruffy as her elder sisters but mom is the one who organizes hers so I didn’t include her stuff as I decided to clean up mine.

Because our house is just being built, we don’t have enough shelves and organizers yet so my school bags are all over my closet too. Looking at it, I felt that my wardrobe already needs to be put in order.

After I think 30 minutes of tucking, pressing and folding my clothes, I then stacked them into my closet. Finally, a more spacious sight to see. It still doesn’t look that well but at least I kept rats away from my beloved clothes. Haha!

before and after 😀

When I saw this eye-pleasing result, I decided to clean out other closet — the one which has our more decent clothes that we use whenever we go out. Luckily, the result looks even more delightful. Truly things that have been done with effort are very rewarding to see. Next stop, my blogs. I have to update!!!


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