I never planned for it but honestly, some things are really meant to happen to change what we can’t ourselves. And I am very thankful that those things came my way, happy or sad, those things changed me for the better.

Aside from emotional changes, I have undergone some physical (meaning hair) changes too. I got my hair “rebonded” for the second time after two years and was very happy for the result. Super thanks to my sister for sponsoring the salon fee because my new-look decision was just so instant that my savings weren’t enough the moment I persuaded her to accompany me in my journey to moving on. Haha!

Last August 5 –yes, I will not forget the date– I had my hair done at CUT Encarnacion Group of Salon for P1500. For a student like me, it’s already a lot of money that’s why I am really very thankful that the result was satisfying in my opinion. My only comment is that they work quite slow compared to the previous salon which did my first rebond. Anyways, I am happy with the result! (◕‿◕✿)

Sorry for the quality. Our camera is quite bitchy sometimes. 😀

And just a few weeks later, last October 2, I had my full bangs done by no professional hairdresser but my talented and full of interesting ideas friend/official photographer(LOL)/cell group leader/best supporter(hihi) no other than Ms. Carmela Lao. Yes, I entrusted my fate on her. During those times, my emotions were divided into two different types which are excited and worried and those types were divided into sub-types which are oh-no-carmela-do-you-think-i-really-have-to-do-this and the okay-go type. So the okay-go type won and here is what I looked before and after the encounter with the random scissor in her room.

I really find it hard to pose or do anything good in front of the camera so just excuse my face. Thank you! (︶ω︶)

That’s it! Those were the hair changes that came after I decided to accept the many other changes that happened during the last few months. I wish, these decisions as well as the more personal ones will all lead to my fast recovery and a better me. Hooray!

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