Cell Group Sessions

This probably is the best way I’ve welcomed December throughout my years of existence.

Me and my highschool friends have been holding cell group meetings from time to time especially before when we aren’t busy in each of our own jobs yet.

Though we’ve lost track of our sessions lately because of schedule conflicts, just last night, we finally had another cell group meeting. After weeks of planning, in God’s grace, we’ve managed to make time to talk about and share God’s word.

Now, I decided to make a Cell Group Sessions category in this blog because of last night’s topic. But first, let me introduce to you my cell groupmates for I will be mentioning them for most of my CGS posts. (CGS = Cell Group Sessions hehe)

Cell leader:

Carmela/Cai. A highschool classmate. Through a painful experience in my life, we met again after college and became close as sisters now. Of all the people who introduced Jesus to me, Carmela is the one who taught me that it’s not enough to just know Him. Jesus showed to me, through her, that knowing Jesus is the first step into accepting God in our lives but it should not stop there. As I have mentioned, that is just the first step. Carmela aided me in creating a deeper relationship with the Lord by inviting me in their church service and activities, teaching me how to make devotions and urged me to read the Bible everyday. Later on, she made her own cell group with me as the first member. Hihi.

Cell group members:

Jaylord. President of the Philippines-material. Conversations become 10000000x smarter when he is present. Same with Carmela, Jaylord is also very well used by God to help me see how powerful His grace is. That if we can only learn to fully rely on Him, God will shower us with blessings more than what we can pray for. I can see how the Lord is working on Jaylord’s life and how dependent Jaylord is on God in return. I aspire him for that. I want to be able to rely on God with 100% of my being just as Jaylord is.

Rizza. Highschool bestfriend. She knows a lot of things about me more than my parents do back then. We were the ears and the eyes of each other. We’re not that connected as before but I am happy to still see her during our CGS and more than happy knowing that she has also accepted and is living by God’s word now.

Clarence. Classmate since fifth grade. A person I never thought I’d be close with but I now treasure as the bestest friend that I have. Through our introvertedness, we express our own way of valuing our friendship. She is that role model that I look up to at all aspects. I admire her patience and perseverance. And I believe that it is only by her faith in the Lord that she is able to succeed to where she is now.


I will be posting my cell group sharing here along with the ideas and values that I learned from them during our CGS. I pray that God will provide us the ability to make time so that we can meet regularly so I can share more here as well.

I pray that through this, I will be used by God to spread the word about Jesus.

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”
1 Peter 4:10 (NIV)

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