Stay home, stay safe, and add a splash of color to your life

By on May 27, 2020

While we stay at home to help flatten the curve of this pandemic, we suddenly find ourselves with lots of time in our hands to do the things we could only dream of- or used to take for granted. As we wait for the air to clear, we make use of the time we have to learn a new recipe, to work out, to pamper ourselves, or to simply change up our looks. But if you’re too afraid of cutting your hair, why not add a splash of color instead?

Simple acts of care especially during quarantine can make anyone feel better. Why not show your mom or your sister how much they mean to you by spending an afternoon at home giving each other a refreshing new hair color? Give them a whole new look that shows off their unique personalities through Kolours.

Kolours has been the go-to brand of many Filipinas- and for good reason. Infused with Color Retention Technology, Kolours gives vibrant precision color that lasts for up to three months. It’s also packed with Vitamins E and B5 to condition the hair while coloring, along with a post-treatment conditioner enriched with Natural Coco Essence to help nourish the hair by keeping it hydrated and moisturized.
The best part is with amazing quality, it’s affordable and retails for only P250 SRP.
Kolours comes in 12 variants, and has recently added a line with celebrity Solenn Heussaff! These newest products offer trendy colors and are all infused with Meadowfoam Seed Oil- delivering the Best Ever Damage Defense System. Meadowfoam Seed Oil repairs the hair making it stronger and also locks in moisture to make hair softer and smoother. With the new shade range, there’s definitely something for everyone!

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Lifestyle diary: ‘New Normal’ by Hotel Sogo

By on May 16, 2020

Hotel Sogo gives a preview to its version of ‘new normal’ operations, in a playbook video released by the company. The video is its way of assuring its guests that their safety and security is Hotel Sogo’s top priority.

The video highlighted the initiatives it is doing to make sure to provide guests with So Clean, So Good, So Safe experience, while staying at the hotel. Hotel Sogo made sure to lessen guest’s direct contact.

Check out Hotel Sogo’s ‘new normal’ playbook video to know more.


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Anime Movie Review: Her Blue Sky

By on May 5, 2020

This is a long overdue post. A topic that i have jotted down on my planner multiple times since February. I want to apologize already for the months-late review, but I still want to share this with everyone.

Valentine’s Day came early this year for anime fans in the Philippines as cinemas showed yet another anime movie last February.

Special premier: February 7, 2020 (SM Megamall)
General screening: February 12, 2020

Her Blue Sky or originally, Sora no Aosa wo Shiru hito yo


Review on the characters:
As always, I am a huge fan of the unconventional and this movie have a lot of them. The main male character, Shinnosuke Kanamuro’s appearance actually give a grown band member aura which is special, I think, for an anime to ressonate.
The sisters are your typical best girl older sister and stubborn (but soft inside) younger sister. I love the older sister more. 😂
Sister: Akane Aioi
Younger: Aoi Aioi
*One thing I noticed about the sisters names is that they are colors in Japanese. Aka or akai means red and Aoi means blue. “Ne” is also a way to call a sister from the word ane which means my sister or oneesan, someone’s sister.

The supporting characters are well thought of too and I love each and everyone’s character development. From the ex-band members having their own families after pursuing different paths to their reunion and interactions since then.

Review on the plot:
The trailer gave off a time travel vibe which made me wonder who is who. Who grew up to be whom? However, it became clear upon watching the movie. And that the mystery is not on the who but on the why. Timeline travel or something like different dimension existence: a very much common theme in anime.
But like I’ve said, the very well put character development gave justice to the fantasy side of the story. Another thing that made it special is its strong family ties vibes. While most anime stories seem to revolve around the main characters lives only, Her Blue Sky showed lives of people with actual families and how they value each other. Something relatable. Something touching.
The romance part is not so overwhelming but sweet and cute. After all what happened a light feel on relationship is a good conclusion.

Although overall it is a good anime movie, let me just say that there are several loopholes in it. There are times when circumstances obviosly side with the main character even though it is very unlikely to happen even when considering that it is a work of fiction. Talk about main character benefits, e?

I’d also like to think that there are symbolism in the story which they want us to imagine ourselves. Like how the time travel happens, is it really someone time travelling or a mere representation of the past?

And since it’s title has a “sky” on it, I will have to look past the floating/flying up in the sky moment despite of it being an overused scene. Haha!

I think I will have to stop there before I give out more hints. 😉
I know this movie isn’t showing on cinemas anymore but let’s just hope they’d bring it on TV or any other ways we can watch it again legally. Support artists y’all.

I was actually surprised that only a few people watched considering the sudden rise in popularity of Japanese anime movies in the Philippines after Kimi no Nawa. Or maybe most fans watched on the special premier. That, I have no information about, I am sorry…again.

Plus points!!! Japanese singer Aimyon sang the OST with the same title, Sora no aosa wo shiru hito yo. Please check out her music. She’s one of the bests!!

We got free stickers by the way. Thank you, SM Megamall Cinema. And to the person who drew them.

Rating: 7/10
If it weren’t for the loopholes, really.

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Diary entry: Influence

By on May 1, 2020

I was on my third year in highschool when I joined the campus’ Journalism Club. Being a bookworm with no money to buy the books, my membership introduced me to a lot of people who had.

Writing for the school paper did not only allow me to borrow the books that I wanted to read, it also brought me to places where my school will compete for school press conferences.

Together with our Journalism Club mentor, we would join competitions in different schools and win sometimes.

My area was Feature writing.

During the competitions, there were topics that I loved that I already know I’d get the prize and topics that I had no connection at all giving my braincells a hard time delivering the right words. Both were challenging and nonetheless, worthwhile.

There’s a certain topic that I will never forget in my entire life because it was both, and not. I loved it because I had a wide range of answers for it but I knew I won’t win with any of those because of the lack of connection. Something I had to write for the sake of having an entry. It’s quite frustrating thinking about it now, but I was a young teen back then. And maybe being a first-timer at the Nationals clouded my thoughts. Or maybe these are just excuses and that I actually simply write poorly.

I said I wouldn’t forget it. But verbatim, I already did.
It went somehow like:
“The most influential person for you, not including your relatives.”

I was really challenged by this topic as I never encountered anything similar during training. I won’t tell my answer anymore though as it sounded more a diary entry than a feature on a paper.

Abe what is this all about if you won’t share the answer, then? Because I may have found a new one now. And this time, no prize is included but I want to write about it. Somehow giving closure to my teenage self too who let her emotions reach the National Press Conference judges. Lol

Today is May 1st. On normal days, I should be excited because, “Yay! Holiday!” but the past few days aren’t too normal at all for most of us have been on forced holiday for two almost two months now. An unseen predator is currently devastating the country as well making things far from coming back to normal. But while I am here, in the comforts of our own home, there they are, the so-called frontliners of this pandemic. It is May 1st and also happens to be a celebration of Labor Day in thr Philippines. But a holiday is non-existent to a virus that only knows to spread and kill. Hence, our frontliners also have to battle it at this time. Holiday, normal day, their own birthday, whenever that is. They are selflessly working; fighting for us.

A view from some laundry room in Tokyo. Shot by Abegail Layosa
A view from some laundry room in Tokyo.
Shot by Abegail Layosa

I may be at home now, doing nothing heroic. But I can say that these people highly influenced me to be productive in ways I can. To be a spring of positivity. To have their discipline. To be more appreciative of my job. I am inspired by how they stand firm to do theirs. In this post, I honor every working Filipino all over the world.

Thank you for doing your best.
For our health. Thank you, medical workers.
For our food supply. Thank you, delivery service providers and essential supplies companies.
For our economy. Thank you, OFWs, BPO and everyone working at home.
For our beloved near or far from us. Thank you, LGUs.
For the cleanliness. Thank you, maintenance workers, street sweepers, garbage collectors.
For safety. Thank you, military officers, security guards and peace and order volunteers.
For our awareness on the situation. Thank you broadcast reporters.

On a special note, I would like to give appreciation to my colleagues in Japan who continue the workforce and serve as our company’s frontliners while we can’t work here yet. Please know that all of your efforts are greatly appreciated.
As well as the leaders for all the hardwork in assuring every members on updates and for keeping us free from worry. To our ever understanding bosses, only the sincerest gratitude and a promise to perform even better whenever we can go back to work again. 🍀

And that is it. My new answer. Happy Labor Day!

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Home Foodie Live Series

By on April 24, 2020

With the community quarantine being extended yet again, wouldn’t it be great to let the kids learn cooking simple dishes? Let the Little Miss or Mister Mastechef in your kids shine with Home Foodie.

Let your little Home Foodie master chefs enjoy a hands-on Facebook cooking & baking session. Resident Home Foodie chefs will do a live learning session of 5 scrumptious, kid-friendly recipes.

Home Foodie will post a collage of all participants who joined, so don’t forget to take a selfie while cooking!

Click going in the Home Foodie FB event page to confirm your attendance and be updated on this online event on April 28, 2:00 PM (GMT+8): bit.ly/HFKKC!

Don’t forget to read the guidelines, waiver, and recipes!


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Sunrise and the hope it brings

By on March 27, 2020

Yesterday was Kathryn Bernardo’s birthday. Today is mine.

11am. I am lying on my bed (still) , wide awake but with no intent to get up anytime soon. This community lockdown indeed is taking its toll on me. It’s my birthday and I can’t go out to celebrate. Nor people can come and be with me today. HAPPY? BIRTHDAY, HUH, CORONA.

My mom is cooking downstairs. I assume its for me. I smell onions being sautéed and I heard there’s ice cream on the fridge. My sister is in the supermarket now, too. I knew since she just sent a message telling that the line to the store is already long. Hmm.. I wonder what she’ll get.

My niece and nephew are watching the Tagalized SpongeBob SquarePants in the living room. And now, I wanted to go down and play with them.

I can’t seem to find the words to connect these thoughts that I have but sincerely, I was just sad last night and this morning, I realized it is not that bad.

And thinking about it, it is not so 28 year oldish to be upset with having to celebrate your birthday at home.

Home. The only place which toilet seat I trust. The place where my most beloved reside. And this time, we are together the whole day. I wish there’d be cake but I’m 28 now so I’ll try my best to go along without it.

Besides, most families in our country now struggle to have anything on their plates. Who am I to ask for more? How selfish of me to question what I have while most people can only wish for a shelter in these trying times.

If there is anything I can wish now, it’s for the fast recovery of COVID-19 patients and COVID-19’s cure to be discovered as well.

For the frontliners to have more strength in battling this invicible enemy. For the elderly to feel secure and cared for. For the families in the streets to meet their comfort. I wish for the whole world to live a normal life again.

Every new day is a new beginning for everyone. Just as the sun rises after every night, hope soars with its every ray.

Yesterday I was sad. Today, I am hopeful.

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The unseen heroes: Garbage collectors

By on March 17, 2020

As of this writing, the Philippines is under state of calamity due to the ongoing outbreak of corona virus.

Metro Manila is under community quarantine while other neighboring cities also take precautions in minimizing the spread of the disease.

Classes are suspended for a month and some business establishments declare temporary closure. Private workers are encouraged to stay at home as well. Some are granted work from home, while others are on forced leave.

But there are workers who just can not take a leave because their job directly involves treating the infected. They are the frontline health workers to whom we are very grateful.

During the beginning of the quarantine, many problems arised such as shortage in surgical masks, disinfectant hoarding etc. Making it hard for the frontliners to fulfill their job properly as well. But thanks to the Filipinos bayanihan, support for our hardworking healthworkers are pouring.

Now that our hardworking frontline health workers are receiving the support that they deserve, can we also turn our attention to another group of heroes who brave the very thing that we all fear most in this pandemic.
The unseen heroes not just during this time but actually every single day of our lives.

Garbage collectors risk their lives being exposed to can be free of it.
They work under the heat of the sun traveling with the trash that we discarded useless, even dangerous. Without PPE. 😢

Also under the possibilty of acquiring COVID-19 due to improperly disposed used surgical masks and many more other diseases.
All this for a below minimum salary.

I hope we can spare whatever we can to help those who might be needing it more.

They need hygiene kits too.
They need food too.
In this trying times, they need our support too.

In our current state however, where actions are limited during this community quarantine, let us help them by simply disposing our masks properly.

Designate a paper bag in your household to which you will dispose all your used face masks.
Put labels on it so our garbage collectors would know and could take more precaution in disposing it.
Cut the strings to make sure it can’t be used anymore.

I hope this post reaches those who can extend help to our ever hardworking garbage collectors, street sweeper, garbage truck mechanics and everyone who works for the maintaining of cleanliness in our country.

Kudos to everyone!

Mabuhay ang bayanihan.

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Buying Guide for Female Racers Off the Trail

By on June 17, 2019

Motorcycle riding gear is a huge part of motorcycle riding. Whether you are a female or male biker, you’ll need to ensure your motorcycle gear keeps you safe and comfortable during your rides. Riding in the cold, extreme heat or a downpour can distract your focus on the road. If you are not well prepared with appropriate biker accessories, it will surely make your ride an unpleasant one. The guidelines here on buying motorcycle gear will help you make the best choices for your particular riding lifestyle.

Each type of motorcycle activity has its own special range of gear. Whether you are riding off the trail or compete on a race track, you will need gear designed specifically for these styles of riding. The first buying decisions can be a challenge particularly today when there are more options than ever before, whether offline or online.

Consider your initial purchase as an investment that provides you safe riding and pleasure. The golden rule to follow is, you get what you pay. This is the same for most sporting goods. Some manufacturers such as BMW or Ducati are known for a higher end product, but as in their name alone, you can trust you’re getting top quality and design.

Motorcycle Rider Gear Essentials Include:

1 Helmet: There are many types of motorcycle helmet. Choose one that meets your type of riding.

2 Gloves: Leather is your best bet. Gloves should cover and extend beyond your wrist bone (gauntlet style). If not fully leather be sure at very minimum the palms are fully leather. Gloves should have no open areas exposing skin and be flexible enough for good use of levers/controls.

3 Motorcycle Jackets: armour in elbows, shoulders and an internal back protector.

4 Pants: sturdy material with armour in knees and hip area and allow for flexibility.

5 Sturdy Boots: boots which come above the ankle and cover the ankles for protection. A grippy sole and without laces if possible. Laces come undone and can catch on footpegs which can be hazardous.

Tip: Careful not to buy too small as it can be pretty uncomfortable wearing tight gear.

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Get Your Crowning Moment at Headtown Salon and Spa

By on June 3, 2019

For beauty entrepreneur Ms. Det Sarrol-Fuentes, opening a one-stop glam destination started out as a personal advocacy. “I grew up in a close-knit family of mostly female members and coming from an exclusive school for girls, all my life I’ve been surrounded by women who share the same passion for beauty,” she said. “I was a frequent salon visitor growing up and have tried numerous services and with that I have grown to become particular with the kind of service that I want. This has eventually inspired me to put up a salon where I could hopefully give my clients the satisfaction and consistency of expert styling and stellar service.”

Entering the beauty industry, prompted her to invest in professional development and constantly push her team to be on top of the current trends. She’s not only determined to come up with an upscale salon that puts premium on client-servicing, but also keen in making sure that potential customers feel at home knowing that they are being handled by experts.

Located in the bustling city of Makati, her newest venture called Headtown Salon and Spa takes enormous pride in bringing out the best in every person. “We want our salon to be an Urban Beauty retreat where clients can experience total beauty and relaxation at an easy access location.”

The beauty and pampering hub offers world-class styling, hair dressing and pampering that go beyond fab and fad. Whether it’s a change in your ‘do, a mid-day massage, or a fabulous makeover to get you in the mood for a night out, Headtown Salon and Spa guarantees that you’ll leave the salon looking and feeling like a royalty.

If you’re looking for a great place to spend the day for a rejuvenating beauty treat, then you’ve come to the right salon. Headtown Salon and Spa has an innovative pool of stylists that takes good care of your beauty needs. Ensuring luxury experience that represents the top standardsof the hair, beauty and pampering industry, the entire team, as headed by its salon owner Ms. Det Sarrol-Fuentes, guarantees clients of an amazing glow and quality me-time.

What sets Headtown Salon and Spa apart from its contemporaries is that it has a unique styling space, with exclusive VIP rooms that allow professional and freelance make-up artists to book a space for their clients, and double as a venue for workshops and events. And as a way to empower women to express their individuality, the top-notch full-service salon offers one-on-one tutorial services for hair styling and basic make-up application. With inclusivity and empowerment as two of their core values, the beauty startup positions itself as a game- changing potential that is emblematic of what the salon industry should be: fearless, bold, and constantly evolving with the times.

Book an appointment by calling Headtown Salon and Spa +63917 553 3838.
The salon is located at the 2F Shops at the Ayala North Exchange.
Like and follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/headtownsalon

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Los Angeles Restaurants with Private Event Spaces

By on March 14, 2019

When planning for any event, there are many details involved depending on the type and the size of the event you will be holding. If it is going to be a big event, then you will need to organize a good reliable team to help you handle all the details such as looking for a venue, getting the speaker or speakers, handling entertainment programs, publicity, getting of sponsors, recruiting volunteers, and etc.

If the event that you are planning is a private event, you may not need a team but you will need a planning check list to help you. Ideally, you will have ample time to plan for the event. With a check list, there is less chance of you missing out any important details. First on the check list will be to set a date for the event. Once a date is set, the next thing to do is to get a venue to hold the private event. Some popular venues may be heavily booked, so it is advisable to book a venue as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

If you are new in event planning, you may need help in locating the list of suitable venues e.g. hotels and restaurants with available private event spaces to hold the event. One of the easiest way is to check out online and you will probably come across Archive Rentals which provides event services including venue, designs and styling to their clients.

If you are holding a private event in Los Angeles, some of the best hotels and restaurant to consider are 1 Pico, 101 North Eatery & Bar, 1212 Santa Monica, 189 by Dominique Ansel, and many others, which you will find when you searched the internet. For future events, it would be good to locate party rentals Los Angeles for venues, event services, furniture, and etc.

Securing a suitable venue for your private event will also depend on the size of your budget. The private event spaces could be a modern chic outdoor space, a glamorous indoor venue with classic elements, crystals chandeliers, or a venue with modern architecture with posh overtones and sleek accents, or a spectacular outdoor setting dotted with glowing fire pits.

You can settle for the standard group menu or you can create a customized menu using the freshest seasonal ingredients available. Every restaurant has their unique cuisine, hand crafted cocktails, ambiance and timing to ensure a perfect and unforgettable event.

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