Buying Guide for Female Racers Off the Trail

Motorcycle riding gear is a huge part of motorcycle riding.  Whether you are a female or male biker, you’ll need to ensure your motorcycle gear keeps you safe and comfortable during your rides.  Riding in the cold, extreme heat or a downpour can distract your focus on the road. If you are not well prepared with appropriate biker accessories, it will surely make your ride an unpleasant one. The guidelines here on buying motorcycle gear will help you make the best choices for your particular riding lifestyle.

Each type of motorcycle activity has its own special range of gear. Whether you are riding off the trail or compete on a race track, you will need gear designed specifically for these styles of riding. The first buying decisions can be a challenge particularly today when there are more options than ever before, whether offline or online.

Consider your initial purchase as an investment that provides you safe riding and pleasure. The golden rule to follow is, you get what you pay. This is the same for most sporting goods. Some manufacturers such as BMW or Ducati are known for a higher end product, but as in their name alone, you can trust you’re getting top quality and design.

Motorcycle Rider Gear Essentials Include:

1  Helmet: There are many types of motorcycle helmet. Choose one that meets your type of riding.

2  Gloves: Leather is your best bet. Gloves should cover and extend beyond your wrist bone (gauntlet style). If not fully leather be sure at very minimum the palms are fully leather. Gloves should have no open areas exposing skin and be flexible enough for good use of levers/controls.

3  Motorcycle Jackets: armour in elbows, shoulders and an internal back protector.

4  Pants: sturdy material with armour in knees and hip area and allow for flexibility.

5  Sturdy Boots: boots which come above the ankle and cover the ankles for protection. A grippy sole and without laces if possible. Laces come undone and can catch on footpegs which can be hazardous.

Tip: Careful not to buy too small as it can be pretty uncomfortable wearing tight gear.

Love advice from Doc Pao

Sometimes, you will meet someone and it works.

Sometimes, you will meet someone and it will feel like God intervened and made you meet. Most of the time though, you meet someone and they break your heart into a million pieces and you start to wonder, “why me?”

With Valentines just around the corner, we decided to ask Dr. Paolo Bellosillo who is known for advocating living a quality life to share his thoughts on how you can protect your heart from the greatest stressor in life, a heartbreak.

What are the qualities that a woman should look for in a guy?
A woman needs to look for someone whose God fearing because if a man fears God, he will be loyal, faithful, committed, responsible, and honest. These are traits that any woman should want for in a man. A man like this will never make you worry or fear that he will go astray.

What are the qualities that a man should look for in their future partners?
A man needs to look for a woman who is capable of being their partner in life, not just in the bedroom. They need to find someone with a humble heart and someone who prioritizes their relationship over their pride.

How can you have a relationship that is good for both parties?
A relationship that preserves the dignity of the other person is always a good indication. When there is mutual trust and mutual respect, when a relationship is rooted in prayer and kindness then reinforced by communication, you know that it is beneficial to both parties.

What are your 5 tips for a healthy, smooth sailing relationship?
Pray together. When God is at the center of everything, everything will fall into place.
Communicate. As they said, almost everything can be sorted through an open and honest communication.
Be kind. If you can’t be anything, if there is no more love, then at least be kind.
Be open. The two of you are not the same person which means that you will not have the same beliefs, the same principles, and the same ideologies. In fact, chances are big that you will have different ones so be open to understanding how the other person works.
Let go of fear. Most of the time, we react negatively because of fear.

Any tips to our readers for this upcoming Valentine’s Day?
Valentine’s Day is primarily focused on the heart, on love but everyday should always take that into account as love is a journey and a decision which both souls builds on. While the whole world celebrates it, do so in a manner where it focuses not on consumerism or material things because they fade.

Be original: play a song, sing a song, cook with love for your shared favorite dish, go to the first place where it all began with your special someone, or go to church and why delay it, say I DO, tie the knot. Just make sure the other is ready and fits in the qualities and attributes of those listed above After All when you Look Through The Eyes Of Love You Should Be Bringing Out The Best Of Me/You, Here There and Everywhere. ❤

First post using WordPress app

Welcome to my blog again. It’s been ages since I last posted that I want to go back to blogging but my case is far more severe than a writer’s block that even though I have too much to write about, I simply won’t. Any blogger there who knows what my case is called? Or is it simply our favorite word: procrastination.

I already forgot when I decided to make this blog my cosplay blog and though I have written a few related stuff, I know this doesn’t look close as a cosplay blog at all.

Too much for the negativity though, I just want to share this first step that I took to make a new post and revive this blog again.

I remember too well how I would schedule my posts in this blog years back. I miss it actually and now I’m glad I stepped out from simply missing it and moved on to actually doing something about it.

Now, I am posting via WordPress app which is free for download at Google Playstore and man, did I realize how much I missed not downloading this app before.

If you have (or have not, because I will just say it again here) read my previous somehow latest posts, I am currently in Japan right now for training. I did not bring my laptop because I plan to buy here but up to now, I am having seconds thoughts because of warranty stuff and whatnot. So going back, that is actually the main reason why I seldom blog nowadays. Which points me back to this WordPress app.

Sure blogging on a larger screen is great but in my current situation and (e.g. lack of resources), blogging via app on a 6in. mobile phone is better than nothing.

I guess this is what they mean by make the best with what you have, because indeed, i only have my phone, an incredibly way faster internet connection and sleepless nights which I wasted in social media few months back.

Now, I hope I get to bring back Castles in the Air to its state just as before and I wish to gain friends again through this.

Any tips on how to effectively blog using only mobile phone? I would love to hear from fellow bloggers too. I hope you can help me keep the blogging fire in me burning.


No photo because I am still exploring the app. ?

Almost 2 months here in Japan and I still can not believe that I am actually here. Japan life is very convenient compared to my life in the Philippines but I still miss my home and the people I used to always be with. Cosplay conventions, jamming over electro voice at, food tripping or simply just strolling around with my best friends. I really miss them a lot.

Finding refuge in music

It has been two weeks since I came here in Japan. While the excitement is still there, I can not hide the fact that I miss my family and friends in the Philippines so much. As form of enjoyment, I listen to Filipino music from time to time but without forgetting to learn Nihongo as well. Music does magic and it gives me a sense of being at home somehow. At times, I would browse through my favorite music shop and look for new stuff like denon dj at and imagine I was playing it with my friends back home. Being alone is never easy, no matter how beautiful or convenient the place is, home will always be where your heart will be.

5 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late to Get Yourself a BDJ Planner

It was late January of 2016 when I first bought my own BDJ planner. I was simply interested with the coupons that went with it never knowing that my 2016 was into something better. Hence, I decided to get myself one again this year. To experience the benefits of having a BDJ Power Planner, though a little bit later than before, I decided to be a Bella again this year.

It’s already a couple of days past the third month of 2017, some may think it is already too late to get a planner but I believe having one is still worth the try. Below are the five reasons why it is still a perfect time to be a 2017 Bella.

1. Monthly Events
During my first year as a Bella, I would always get excited browsing through because of the events that were being held every month. Such events offer exciting opportunities to all attendees. The topics were all beneficial —life-changing even— and the guests they picked were all inspiring. The BDJ staffs handling each events were very friendly as well which made me want to keep on attending every event last year.

And they started 2017 with a blast, with the first BDJ Rendezvous this year. BDJ Rensezvous: Woman Up! was held last February 11 at Ayala Malls the 30th in Pasig. I was privileged to be invited and went home with lots of freebies!

So there’s still a chance to join if you grab your BDJ planners now but fret not because there are more events in line this year. 😉

For previous and upcoming BDJ events, visit here.

2.Year-long valid coupons
Most of the coupons included in the Perks of a Bella booklet are valid from January 2017 to December 2017 which means you can enjoy being a Bella for the whole year with almost 20+ different brands. You can also score free planners with their 2017 Belle de Jour Coupon Completion promo where in you just use atleast 40 coupons by September 30, 2017. Freebies~
From time to time, I will receive emails regarding a new product from BDJ’s partner brands and they would like Bellas to experience it first-hand. Having a BDJ planner opened a lot of discoveries when it comes to cosmetics and skin care because they’ve partnered with numerous brands to fit each Bella’s lifestyle. The freebies are given randomly so better get that BDJ planner now so you won’t miss a chance. 🙂

4.In-planner features
When you buy a BDJ planner, you don’t just get a planner, you get a more organized life. In my case, that is. Aside from the monthly inspirational notes, goals list, dream board, 2017 checklist, a separate event calendar, journal entry pages and more, I really found the following in-planner features helpful:
*2017 Goals pageto help you focus on the most important goals this year
*Menstrual trackerbecause menstrual cycle plays a big role in our health condition
*Bills trackerto keep track on your expenses and manage them accordingly
*Cash flow tracker to see your progress in handling your hard-earned money
So if you still struggle on remembering where and how you spent your pay check every month, this planner is best for you. ^_^

5. Meet new people with the same interest as you
BDJ stands true to its tagline, “We are more than just a planner, we’re a community.” for the wide-range of events and gatherings that they hold every year each focusing on women empowering each other. I was more inspired to blog too because of the entries I see on the Bella Blogs page.

There you have it. These are based on my experience during my first year as a Bella and I hope that through these, more women would be inspired to become Bella’s as well.

You can avail of the BDJ planners at your favorite bookstores or order online via

So, see you on the upcoming 2017 BDJ events, Bella! ❤


Off to quarter life I go

I was about to change this blog’s About page when upon scanning through the contents that is to be altered, something striked me that made me write this post instead. I am turning 25 this month.

Few years back, my birthday posts would always be in exciting, hopeful and dreamy tone. During those times of being a teenager, I had always been excited about my birthday. Not expecting gifts or any material thing, but simply being able to feel somehow special. Being greeted by people made me look forward to my birthday the most.

I lost track to when the giddy girl in me turned into this indifferent person now when it comes to anticipating my birthday. But I guess, still writing about it here now means there’s still a part of that teenage girl in this striving-into-adulthood young woman.

Suddenly, I became bothered by the thought that being 25 is different from the careless days of my past years. Did the past 24 years teach me enough for me to survive the years to come? Have I learned enough? Was I equipped enough?

These thoughts made me want to stop time from running. Until I realized that only if we were gone that time will stop for us. And of course, I wouldn’t want that anytime soon.

Now that’s so much realizations in just one sitting. From being afraid of the future to being more afraid of not having one, I turned my sight to the greener side of the pasture.

I guess I will just have to embrace that thought that I am past the “Live while we’re young era” and is now entering the “Age is just a number” phase.

I took a deep breath, looked back and finally realized that turning 25 is not at all so different from learning how to crawl, walk or eat when I was a baby not had it been when I started having friends at school when I was a teen, nor was falling in love during my pre-adulthood stage. In every stage and every step, is something that I do not know but I have to do anyway. In every part of growing up, are the new challeneges that are instore for us to be the person that we a designed to be. Decisions, wrong or right, will bring us to our destiny, the path may differ but we’ll get there anyhow.

In this stage of life, we might feel insecure of how carefree the younger ones are. I am. But we just have to remember that we’ve experienced the joy of it already and this time, life has something for a more aware 25 year old. The excitement does not have to go away, we just have to be more mature in dealing with whatever comes our way.

Quarter life, I am ready! But please be gentle. 😉

Doc Pao and his holistic medicine advocacy

In this day and age where people claim a lot of things that are not true, one of the hardest to fake is that of being a doctor. After all, becoming a doctor takes a lot of years, time, and patience as well as perseverance. This is perhaps why doctors put a lot of pride in themselves because after all, what they do is no easy feat. Saving the lives of people is something that not everyone is able to do and yet they do in their daily lives. One can even say that it comes naturally to them, as natural as it is for everyone else to breathe.Displaying 16389386_10210598045640445_1948558931_o.jpg

This is what Dr. Paolo Bellosillo has been doing for the better part of his life. He has completely devoted every second he lives in making the lives of the people around him better and hopefully, longer by teaching them about integrative medicine and holistic approach to living. He believes that a healthy lifestyle is the way to go as well as an annual check up of your heart for the heart is the center of your entire being.

Doc Pao, due to his continuous study and constant research on his field has become one of the authority on nature therapy, anti aging and integrative as well as holistic medicine. What sets him apart from other doctors is his genuine heart that years to ensure that everyone knows why holistic medicine is the way to go because it is all about being natural and maximizing your body’s fullest potential. He wants people to take care of their health and body so that their body can serve them better and help them live their life to it’s fullest potential.

Doc Paolo Bellosillo believes that everyone deserves to live a healthy life. One of his wishes is to have a world where everyone has access to integrative medicine and knows how to apply it to their daily lives. He hopes that time will come that people will aim for a lifestyle where greens and vegetables are the main part of their diet and living a healthy lifestyle is the norm and not a fad only.

Doc Pao has helped so many stroke patients in the past to lengthen their life by applying his knowledge and studies. He teaches them how to change their diet, sleeping habits, exercise, and most of all, mindset to explore their full growth and potential as persons. This is what Doc Pao wants to leave as a legacy to the world and we think that’s a beautiful thing.

#2017TravelBucketlist: Things to Consider While Planning Your Next Trip by TRAVELPROS

Travel has become one of the well-planned activity that usually requires attention and preparation. From airfare, hotel accommodation, itinerary, travel documentation and insurances. This is one hell of hard work to do but through an organized plan, your journey will never be as chaotic and squabble all along.



And speaking of organized travel management, Take Off Philippines just partnered with Travelpros, One of the Best Travel Agencies in the Country, a pillar in Local and International Tour Package Services since 1993. Member of PTAA and IATA. The pioneers in mall-based ticketing operations to help you out in all your travel concerns.

Today, we’ve listed things you should consider while planning your next big trip with your family, friends or that special someone of yours.

1. ) Do Background Check on your Destination

 The best thing to utilize your staycation is to look for a review or a research by simply listing down the following: Where to stay, where to roam around the vicinity and where to eat around the metro. It is pretty good to know this simple questions so that you won’t waste your time looking and searching for places. I encourage you to read a blog review and DIY Itineraries. It will help you a lot in providing travel tips and information on your destination.

Need an itinerary for your next trip? Just click the link here for more details.

2.) Ensure your Safety

We Filipinos love discounts and promos obviously, that’s how thrift shop have been known for. In flights, we are very fan of Piso Fare that some airlines do offer. Through their good and convincing marketing strategy of “Php 1” airfare, a lot of customers are entice to book on their site. Thus, always remember that Piso Fare includes taxes and surcharges for estimates. Insurances are usually removed by the airline that makes it seem cheaper by the price. Nonetheless, we should take in consideration to add up travel insurance every flight for your own good.

Safeguard yourself! Get a Travel Insurance today. Just click the link here for more details.

3.) Always remember to bring necessary Travel Documents

Travel is not just about fun and relaxation. It also teaches us how to be systematized. During every flight, your travel documents and forms should be there always in your safe keep. This would assure you for any possibilities if the immigration or airport security would ask for it. Some common travel documents are the DFA-issued passport, unexpired visa, return ticket, Affidavit of Support with Undertaking, DSWD-issued Travel Clearance and more.

Want a Hassle-Free Processing of your Travel Documents? Just click the link here for more details.

4.) Check out the List of Holidays and Long Weekends

Before filing for a Leave make sure to check out the list of Holidays and Long weekends this 2017 so to make sure that you will have an enjoyable and hassle-free Vacation.

5.) Go Attend Travel Fairs for more Discounts and Tour Packages

Every year travel community gathered together to launched a travel tour expo wherein you can get exclusive travel deals for Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Davao, and more. You can grab some best airline seat sales, discounted hotel accommodations, and all-in tour packages.

The Biggest Travel Expo in the Country happens this Friday! Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) organized the 3-Day travel event, 24th Travel Tour Expo 2017. It showcases an array of Best Travel Deals and Tour Packages to be held on February 10 – 12, 2017 at SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City.


Visit TRAVELPROS Booth #23A/23B, 24, 25 this week at the PTAA 24th Travel Tour Expo 2017. Their Friendly and Accommodating Staff will be happy to assist you. 🙂

Like their Facebook Page:

Follow them on Twitter: @tpiph

Check out their Official Site:


After checking out this list above you can start your own #2017TravelBucketlist, write down all the activities you want to try on your chosen destination this year.



Welcome 2017!


Photo from

Contrary to most of what I se eon social media, I found 2016 to be a pleasant year for me. The challenges remain but I was aware and surprisingly ready to accept that those were part of life and it’s only either I get through it or not or sonner or later, I will. I lived to witness 2016 unfold and welcome 2017 with my family. Simple as always, our celebration included visiting for possible future music-related hobbies for us in the family. This actually made me excited because last Christmas, we enjoyed singing on the karaoke which we rarely do before. It helped prove that music can change people’s lives.

In terms of New Year’s resolutions, I haven’t listed them down yet but my priority is to save (more than I did last year.)

I hope you had a great holiday too and a blesses new year ahead!