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PRAY.COM ーWorld’s No. 1 Prayer Appー names Gary V as Philippine Ambassador

SEPTEMBER 9, 2021 — On app’s virtual launch, Gary Valenciano shares about the power of prayer and how, in most cases God answers his in ways he would not have expected but turnes out to be exactly what he needed to hear. The total performer from the Philippines is about to channel his “pure energy” towards a new endeavor as the world’s number 1 app for daily prayer and Bible-based audio content, chose him

Make Your Vacation Worthwhile with Nimo TV

As a self-proclaimed, young-at-heart #TitaOfManila, I recently just started raising a virtual pet through a Tamagotchi. Unfortunately, I accidentally left it at home one hectic workday and when I returned to check it, my 6-year-old virtual pet (one week in real time), was already gone. It’s been days and although it was just a toy, I felt a sting of regret. Actually, too much that I cannot start raising a new pet yet. I am

Slow PC?

There are times when we have a lot of things to do on our computer we forget to turn it off even just for a while. Machines have limitations too no matter how advanced the technology applied. Sometimes, we won’t notice it until our PC starts to perform slower than the usual. It needs a remedy already when that happens. System Mechanic slow computer fix helps speed up your PC and restores the originally fast response of

Something new

I was browsing through some of Nadine’s blogsssss and found this interesting post about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I’ve wanted to watch that movie too but since I am not that so into movies, my thought of it passed by just like all the other movies which I planned on watching. On the other hand, she says there’s an ebook of it and that’s when I started to get more interested. Sad thing is,

My future phone?

Fail is what Nokia 101 to me. I think Nokia is not that great yet when it comes to dual sim phones and I deeply regret buying that Nokia 101. That is why I am very eager to have a new phone now that I have saved a few hundreds on my Paypal, all I need to do is to make it tangible. So since my money is still on the virtual world, I have

Barcode scanners

I am very proud of my friends who are fresh graduates but already have a job. A lot of them are from PLP and even though I didn’t study there, I witnessed their hardships and eagerness to graduate that’s why I am happy for them. I can still remember when they were very busy planning, organizing and documenting their thesis. The topics of their research paper were actually given by the professors so it became harder because